A network of internal links designed to guide

Buyer personas are not a concept far from the one just described. But there are small nuances to know in order to draw up an excellent strategic plan. If we take into consideration the target audience as we have described it, the buyer personas are the identikits of the members of this group which are created thanks to the A network of collection of information regarding personal data, gender, interests, profession, purchasing habits and many others factors released by users during navigation .Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Today it is important to understand the search intent behind a group of keywords and, consequently, the analysis of target users who ask questions to Google becomes important .

It can be said that identifying buyer

Personas is like putting the Japan Mobile Number List target audience under a magnifying glass to discover all the details that can help in the complex process of optimizing a website. Why is the target audience important for SEO? What was said in the previous paragraph is not enough to understand how important knowledge A network of of the target audience or buyer personas is when you are building a digital project that needs to find a prominent place on Google or other search engines (example: Baidu in China). Understanding perfectly who the target of a strategy is allows you to carry out targeted , very concrete operations that push the business towards growth.

Knowing the target audience of your SEO strategy

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Leads to having a site, an e-commerce site , a blog with. An excellent user experience. Because it was designed for the characteristics of its typical user. An effective Mexico WhatsApp Number List organization of categories. Product pages, contents; A tone of voice similar to that of those you want to attract to the optimized pages. Texts, images, videos created and optimized to capture the attention of potential customers.  The user towards conversion . If you focus on buyer personas, each of these activities becomes even more effective. Creating a website that is comfortable from every . A network of point of view for users who we know are interested in the topics covered or .

Other communication tools and who

SEO strategy: think about the target audience or buyer personas? Imagine an actor reciting a Shakespeare text: will he be more successful in front of a million nursery children or a hundred adults who love classical theatre? Finding the right audience is essential to get applause and not boos. This metaphor summarizes why target audiences and buyer personas are important in an SEO strategy. But there is much more to know. Last updated: 23 August 21 Reading time 4 minutes Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni SEO buyer personas Content index Differences between target audiences and buyer personas

Why is the target audience important for SEO

Keywords, buyer personas, buyer Singapore Mobile Number List journey Create a digital marketing strategy without knowing buyer personas Seen from non-expert eyes, an SEO strategy may seem like just a technical matter that takes place mainly in the depths of the code of a web page and in which humans are simply Other communication  fish falling into a digital net cast in the SERP . The role of the target audience, however, comes into play already in the planning phase and must be the beacon to follow throughout the path that leads to the creation of an effective optimization plan for the set objectives. Understanding who the people you want to attract to the website are is essential to achieving good results.

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Let’s see what the target audience

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How it differs from buyer Malaysia WhatsApp Number List personas and what weight it has in search engine optimization. Differences between target audiences and buyer personas In the infinite set of users who surf the net, the target audience of a strategy is that subset that includes all those who are interested in what is proposed through a website or , therefore, could become customers of the company selling products/services or subjects Other communication  inclined to make conversions on an online magazine, for example. Knowing the audience you want to involve allows you to direct your optimization and, more generally, digital marketing activities with the aim of not wasting money and hours of work to get a lot of traffic on the site but from non- target users who they will not bring concrete benefits.

Conclusions on website maintenance The frequency

Obviously, every error found must lead to immediate maintenance, so as not to overlook even the smallest detail that can make the difference in the arduous online competition that characterizes almost all commercial sectors. Furthermore, every three/six months it may be necessary to review the architecture of internal and external links to the site, because in this period of time changes could occur that cause broken links or Google penalties that downgrade a site from which a backlink is received . Link building also benefits from regular control and with it the positioning of web pages. Annual maintenance.

ROI of the past SEO strategy of the future

The closing of a year of Indonesia Mobile Number List marketing strategies is the time to evaluate the returns on the investments made , including those relating to the optimization operations carried out in the last twelve months. SEO does not give immediate results, this is a fact to always take into consideration, for this reason Conclusions on it is useful to evaluate its effectiveness no earlier than six months or, even better, a year. This is why it is important to create a general report that includes all the digital marketing activities carried out, but it is also important to separate the effects of the individual methodologies used.

 By analyzing data from a relatively long

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Period it is possible to review Malaysia WhatsApp Number List your SEO strategy.  If it has not returned the expected results, or create one for the following.  Depending on the brand, the sector in which Conclusions on  the company operates. The types of products it offers, the target audience it is aimed at. But it is certain that it must be included in an SEO strategy . It is advisable to define a list of elements to check and analyzes to carry out.  With dates and managers who must take care of them. By better organizing website maintenance. It is possible to maintain and improve its performance. Increasing the company’s turnover .

Taking care of your company’s online platforms

Things to do every day to maintain or improve your ranking Whoever is responsible for the performance of a crucial platform for a company, for example e-commerce, must dedicate time every day to finding information regarding SEO and future changes in the digital landscape. This which seems like an excess of zeal is actually a very important activity in order not to miss out on those small developments that can go unnoticed and which subsequently become crucial for conquering the top positions of the search engine. We must think about the fact that the sensational news regarding the

SEO revolutions comes to the attention of all digital workers

While to have detailed information India Mobile Number Database requires personal commitment and the search for authoritative sources. It is equally important to check the metrics that influence lead generation and conversions every day , so as to act promptly in case of results not in line with the set objectives. Monthly Taking care of and quarterly SEO activities: monitor and plan To always be sure that the website, e-commerce and blog continue to function perfectly, it is necessary to carry out targeted analyzes at precise intervals , monthly or quarterly depending on the objectives and characteristics of the platform.

An accurate performance report that

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Includes significant KPIs must be Japan WhatsApp Number List produced several times . Each year in order to compare performance with that of the same period the previous year. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree . The SEO activities already carried out and those about to. Be implemented must be verified with the same cyclical nature. By having the steps of your SEO strategy clear, you can proceed more easily towards achieving the predetermined. Annual results. Monthly monitoring and planning can be useful to never . Lose sight of the parameters that influence e-commerce conversions. While a Taking care of more deferred control system can be sufficient to better manage the editorial plan of the company blog. Every month avoids major technical problems that could . Require long and expensive interventions. In order not to miss any critical issues.  It is advisable to always keep the information contained in . The Google Search Console under control . And use other SEO tools that highlight a site’s problems.

Mountain View that imposes punctual maintenance

SEO maintenance: what to do to improve positioning? Any web page you put online with the aim of positioning it among the top of the SERP will need continuous care, because digital marketing algorithms and strategies change. There’s a lot more to say about SEO maintenance. Read on to understand which tasks need to be performed on a regular basis. Last updated: 14 October 21 Reading time 4 minutes Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni SEO maintenance Content index Why site maintenance is necessary Things to do every day to maintain or improve your ranking Monthly and quarterly SEO activities: monitor and plan Annual maintenance.

ROI of the past  SEO strategy of the future

Conclusions on website Malaysia Mobile Number List maintenance Keeping work tools functioning and, above all, performing well is the first rule for anyone who uses at least one in their daily activities. Mountain View that Website, e-commerce and blogs are now central elements in the marketing strategies of companies and, consequently, it is essential to plan regular maintenance of these platforms. Waiting for something to “break” before intervening on a digital platform that is fundamental to a brand ‘s business is not a good idea, because every minute offline, every position lost in SERP , every obsolete content can translate into a loss of money.

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Let’s see why

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When and how to do SEO Italy WhatsApp Number List maintenance of web pages. Why site maintenance is necessary The most obvious reason why . Cyclical interventions on the website are necessary is the constant evolution of Google. Every time the advent of a new algorithm that improves. The functionality of the search engine is announced. SEO specialists take action to avoid being caught . Off guard by the new criteria for classifying web pages. Mountain View that  It is not only the big G of  of everything online. But also internal reasons for individual companies . For example, it is necessary to intervene on company platforms when.   Company objectives change You lose ranking.  There are many variables that cause a deterioration in the online . Performance of a site and therefore it is necessary to . Be constant in both monitoring and maintenance.

The author of this post Riccardo Esposito Riccardo

The basic idea is that you shouldn’t trade optimization for style . This can also be put into practice with good use of text particles at the end of paragraphs. For example: Do you agree with this idea? What do you think happens in these cases? Do you know what happens next? The result of these actions? As you can see, they are simple steps that allow you to create a discursive path within the text. On the one hand you have the possibility of maintaining high attention, on the other you create a direct path to the user, in which you address the reader and make him a participant: a protagonist who has the full right to express himself and participate in the construction of meaning.

Example of a title capable of immediately

As you can see from this Vietnam Mobile Number List image, headlines can also be used to work in this direction and immediately attract the public’s attention with a surprising element, dissonant with logic. However, when you decide to do cliffhanger SEO copywriting you must be able to evaluate the importance of a title in the balance of search engines. So, you can use a more informative, simple and direct title tag and then use an H1 to attract attention and keep it. In this way a web page can be persuasive but maintain good optimization for Google , in true SEO copywriting cliffhanger style.

Do you want to use cliffhangers in your copy too

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The rule is simple: try to Indonesia WhatsApp Number List think of your content as a story. A novella, something you want to use to keep the reader’s tension always on edge. Be careful, you don’t have to become a mystery author and compete with . Agatha Christie: the important thing is to use this literal device. Together with other elements such as rhetorical figures and cognitive biases. The author  to make reading more pleasant and the copy more effective in addition to SEO aspect . Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Liked? Share it!  Esposito Articles by Riccardo Esposito Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are marked  Website This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find out how your data is processed .

The fundamental topics to address in a content

SEO copywriting You need to use cliffhanger SEO copywriting – Source This is even more important on the web given that, in general, we can consider that human beings have an attention span of 8 seconds. And a resource, if studied badly, offers a series of perfectly useless stimuli. And which have the (unforeseen) aim of shortening the attention span on the web page even further. Some useful examples of cliffhangers Before tackling the concept of SEO copywriting cliffhanger, it is worth giving some concrete examples of good use of this strategy for good offline and online communication, whether multimedia or not.

Above we have some examples of video cliffhangers

Let’s focus on the world of Taiwan Mobile Number List writing , what does this element look like? Sentences that are characterized as elements of tension are found at the end of a paragraph or page. They are often short, high-impact elements . They stimulate the need to continue reading and this is precisely the task of a cliffhanger text: to push you to continue. This happens in two ways, according to the basic rules of literature: the hero of the final scene finds himself in a dangerous situation and the narrative stops or an event occurs that undermines the entire structure of the storytelling . But how does this apply to online writing?

One of the fundamental rules is to maintain high attention

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You can also do this in titles. Just India WhatsApp Number List respect the rules of SEO copywriting. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Here’s the SEO copywriting cliffhanger Why is there a link between cliffhangers and SEO writing ? Simple, you need to go beyond the simple enumeration of useful topics to complete an article. A page or a landing page. When we do keyword research we identify  to make it complete, useful and compliant with the needs of a very specific search intent . Then we complete the title tag (hoping that Google doesn’t rewrite it), we write the meta description , we identify the various H2, H3 and H4. But this compilation risks becoming an automatism in which each paragraph becomes an independent compartment. This is a problem because you would have to work in completely the opposite direction. That is, making everything more fluid and flowing, pleasant to read. But also interesting.

Why is this element persuasive

Cliffhanger SEO copywriting is a technique that allows those who write texts for websites, blogs , landing pages and other online content to achieve two great objectives : create texts suited to the objectives of search engine optimization and maintain high public attention. Following a growing tension on the page. Before continuing with the cliffhanger technique, one point must be clarified: SEO copywriting does not mean dedicating particular attention to writing and inserting some combinations of related keywords at some specific point following secret techniques.

In reality it is a common opinion

That writing for search Hong Kong Mobile Number Database engines is perfectly comparable with good web writing . Studio Samo Pro Minidegree It’s just that you need to pay attention to preliminary analyzes (such as studying your competitors on the results page and keyword research ) which allow you to understand what people want from your content. Now, this is SEO copywriting : Why is this  analyzing, discovering, responding in the best way possible. Cliffhangers also fit into this balance. Do you want to delve deeper into this interesting topic to create truly persuasive and engaging content? What are cliffhangers in communication? The cliffhanger refers directly to the English translation: hanging on the cliff , on the mountain.

In a figurative sense it simply means an element

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In marketing it means Hong Kong Whats VApp Number List much more. The cliffhanger is a persuasive communication technique – both in copywriting and in multimedia – which allows you to close an information block with a particle capable of keeping the tension high and pushing the user to continue. Or to return when there is a fragmentation of the content as happens, Why is this for example, in TV series. ? The public’s attention is limited. This applies to both the online and offline universe. Whoever writes the script for a TV series must foresee a path of increasing tension until the end of the script which leads to a climax that takes the user from one increasingly intense point to another. And which ends with a final passage . This serves to maintain attention and allows him to retrace his steps again.

Google’s continuous scrolling  it could increase advertising

How SEO will change with continuous Google scrolling As we have seen, the way we search on Google from our phone and the contents that will be displayed in the search results are very likely to change with this update. However, until it arrives in Italy, we will not have data to be able to make evaluations. We can only keep an eye on Search Console. Someone who goes a little further is Giorgio Taverniti , who tries to outline the scenario of what will happen when Google’s continuous scrolling becomes available to everyone.

Google is becoming increasingly ” liquid “

SEO must evolve, going beyond UK Mobile Number Database reasoning on keywords and taking ” entities ” as a reference (ecosystems that not only take into account the words searched for, but the desires, needs and habits of users ). The search results will become a feed (very similar to those we see within social networks) and this feed will change people’s experience with the search engine. With  , perhaps because it will increase CTR . The use of images and videos will become predominant, because continuous scrolling will also free up new spaces for content.

The subtopics the sub-topics related to the main keyword

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That Google often offers France WhatsApp Number List among the search results could increase. Do you also think that Google’s continuous scrolling will change the user experience and the way of doing SEO? And how? Write it in a comment. How to use the cliffhanger (also) in SEO copywriting Talking about SEO copywriting doesn’t necessarily mean limiting yourself to repeating the usual theories on keywords, related keywords and search intent. There is also room for creativity and persuasion. Some idea? Here’s the SEO copywriting cliffhanger. Last updated: 25 October 21 Reading time 4 minutes Riccardo Esposito Written by Riccardo Esposito Cliffhanger seo copywriting Content index What are cliffhangers in communication? Why is this element persuasive? Some useful examples of cliffhangers Here’s the SEO copywriting cliffhanger Do you want to use cliffhangers in your copy too?

This redesign of Google’s SERPs on the one hand aligns

Google’s continuous scrolling What Google continuous scrolling will look like How SEO will change with continuous Google scrolling Google has announced changes to mobile search , starting in the United States. What will change with Google’s continuous scrolling Specifically, what will change will be the SERPs , the Google results pages we are all used to. When you reach the end of the search results on your phone, you won’t have to click to go to the next page. The next set of results will load automatically so you can continuously scroll down to see more information. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree .Console reports in the coming weeks and monitor changes to impressions and clicks on mobile devices.

What Google continuous scrolling will look like

If you want to see how the Argentina Mobile Number List SERPs will change. Here is a GIF that shows continuous Google scrolling on a smart phone . What Google continuous scrolling will look like. This change will now roll out to the mobile web and will be supported on the . This redesign of Google mobile app for both iOS and Android in the US for most English-language searches . With this innovation, Google wants to cater above all to those users who are looking for additional information compared to the first page and who on average browse through four pages of search results.

From now on they will be able to move more easily

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Between the information without China WhatsApp Number List needing to click on “ See more ” at the bottom of the page. It should be noted that people are extremely unlikely to click on the results they see after the first page. This is revealed in a 2020 study that finds the CTR of page two results to be less than 1% . Those who might appreciate this update aren’t looking for quick answers. This redesign of  but a variety of ideas or inspiration on a given topic.  Itself with the feeds of the most popular social networks such as.

Continuous scrolling is coming Continuous scrolling

Meta none If you don’t want to use the two robots meta tags noindex and nofollow together to tell the search engine not to index or follow the links on a page, you can more simply use the none command. Concisely, Google says about this tag that it is “and equivalent to noindex, nofollow”. Meta noarchive The robots noarchive does not allow you to create a copy of the page in the cache and therefore prevents it from being viewed by users who type a request on the search engine. It’s an order that sounds like “ don’t show a cached link in search results ” to the crawler. Meta noimageindex Do not index the images on the page, this is the message given to the digital mind of.

Google and other search engines

That accept this Mexico Mobile Number Database command. Meta nosnippet The nosnippet is a robots meta tag accepted only by Google and serves to prevent the textual part of the snippet or the preview of a video from being shown in the SERP, however it does not Continuous scrolling block the display of a static thumbnail of an image, if the search engine establishes that it improves UX. Do you understand why SEO cannot do without meta robots.Last updated:   Reading time   minutes Paolo Musano Written by Paolo Musano Google deletes second page Content index What will change with  .

Through the robots meta tag, the search engine

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Guided during the process of Canada WhatsApp Number List scanning websites. Giving it unequivocal indications that facilitate it in an . Activity that would otherwise burn resources in useless operations. By appropriately inserting meta robots into the pages.  It is Continuous scrolling possible to solve technical problems that would penalize . Positioning and manage the contents to be shown or not to users who search online. Google eliminates the second page has been introduced on the mobile version of . Google USA, which therefore replaces the second page of the SERPs. A novelty that could change the way of doing SEO and the habits of search engine users.

Meta nofollow With this tag the search engine is advised

If the goal is not to have the page included in the Google index , the Googlebot must be clearly mentioned in the code string .Continuing with the examples on the Big G page dedicated to ” specifications relating to the robots meta tag “, the following commands can be issued: This string allows you to avoid indexing by the Google News crawler , while allowing it to all the others. On the contrary, by writing name ”robots” the command is received by all crawlers. It is important to underline that the commands given by the robots meta tag are received by search engines only if the pages in which they are inserted are not blocked by the robots.txt file.

Obviously if a crawler is told not to scan a page

It won’t even be able to read Brazil Mobile Number List any X robots tag: what is it? The x robots tag should be used to issue the same commands as meta robots to files containing images or PDF documents, i.e. non- content . Google says on this topic that: “X-Robots-Tag can be Meta nofollow  used as an element of the header response of a specific URL . Any statement usable in a robots meta tag can also be specified as an X-Robots-Tag.” An example of x robots tag – is as follows.

You can combine several instructions within an response

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Indicate specific user agents Cambodia WhatsApp Number List before the instructions, so as to give targeted and non-generic indications. Google example  Main HTML robot commands.  If no indications are given to search engines, the pages are by default.  Meta nofollow  understood as index and follow, therefore indexable. And followable. Instead, it is possible to issue a series of commands to make . The crawlers behave as we want. Let’s see the main ones. Meta noindex Using the noindex command tells the search engine not to include the page in its index and consequently not to show it in the SERP to respond to queries proposed by users.  not to follow the links on the page. This instruction influences the ranking of the linked pages, because PageRank is not transmitted .