Meta nofollow With this tag the search engine is advised

If the goal is not to have the page included in the Google index , the Googlebot must be clearly mentioned in the code string .Continuing with the examples on the Big G page dedicated to ” specifications relating to the robots meta tag “, the following commands can be issued: This string allows you to avoid indexing by the Google News crawler , while allowing it to all the others. On the contrary, by writing name ”robots” the command is received by all crawlers. It is important to underline that the commands given by the robots meta tag are received by search engines only if the pages in which they are inserted are not blocked by the robots.txt file.

Obviously if a crawler is told not to scan a page

It won’t even be able to read Brazil Mobile Number List any X robots tag: what is it? The x robots tag should be used to issue the same commands as meta robots to files containing images or PDF documents, i.e. non- content . Google says on this topic that: “X-Robots-Tag can be Meta nofollow  used as an element of the header response of a specific URL . Any statement usable in a robots meta tag can also be specified as an X-Robots-Tag.” An example of x robots tag – is as follows.

You can combine several instructions within an response

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Indicate specific user agents Cambodia WhatsApp Number List before the instructions, so as to give targeted and non-generic indications. Google example  Main HTML robot commands.  If no indications are given to search engines, the pages are by default.  Meta nofollow  understood as index and follow, therefore indexable. And followable. Instead, it is possible to issue a series of commands to make . The crawlers behave as we want. Let’s see the main ones. Meta noindex Using the noindex command tells the search engine not to include the page in its index and consequently not to show it in the SERP to respond to queries proposed by users.  not to follow the links on the page. This instruction influences the ranking of the linked pages, because PageRank is not transmitted .