Conclusions on website maintenance The frequency

Obviously, every error found must lead to immediate maintenance, so as not to overlook even the smallest detail that can make the difference in the arduous online competition that characterizes almost all commercial sectors. Furthermore, every three/six months it may be necessary to review the architecture of internal and external links to the site, because in this period of time changes could occur that cause broken links or Google penalties that downgrade a site from which a backlink is received . Link building also benefits from regular control and with it the positioning of web pages. Annual maintenance.

ROI of the past SEO strategy of the future

The closing of a year of Indonesia Mobile Number List marketing strategies is the time to evaluate the returns on the investments made , including those relating to the optimization operations carried out in the last twelve months. SEO does not give immediate results, this is a fact to always take into consideration, for this reason Conclusions on it is useful to evaluate its effectiveness no earlier than six months or, even better, a year. This is why it is important to create a general report that includes all the digital marketing activities carried out, but it is also important to separate the effects of the individual methodologies used.

 By analyzing data from a relatively long

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Period it is possible to review Malaysia WhatsApp Number List your SEO strategy.  If it has not returned the expected results, or create one for the following.  Depending on the brand, the sector in which Conclusions on  the company operates. The types of products it offers, the target audience it is aimed at. But it is certain that it must be included in an SEO strategy . It is advisable to define a list of elements to check and analyzes to carry out.  With dates and managers who must take care of them. By better organizing website maintenance. It is possible to maintain and improve its performance. Increasing the company’s turnover .

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