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The basic idea is that you shouldn’t trade optimization for style . This can also be put into practice with good use of text particles at the end of paragraphs. For example: Do you agree with this idea? What do you think happens in these cases? Do you know what happens next? The result of these actions? As you can see, they are simple steps that allow you to create a discursive path within the text. On the one hand you have the possibility of maintaining high attention, on the other you create a direct path to the user, in which you address the reader and make him a participant: a protagonist who has the full right to express himself and participate in the construction of meaning.

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As you can see from this Vietnam Mobile Number List image, headlines can also be used to work in this direction and immediately attract the public’s attention with a surprising element, dissonant with logic. However, when you decide to do cliffhanger SEO copywriting you must be able to evaluate the importance of a title in the balance of search engines. So, you can use a more informative, simple and direct title tag and then use an H1 to attract attention and keep it. In this way a web page can be persuasive but maintain good optimization for Google , in true SEO copywriting cliffhanger style.

Do you want to use cliffhangers in your copy too

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The rule is simple: try to Indonesia WhatsApp Number List think of your content as a story. A novella, something you want to use to keep the reader’s tension always on edge. Be careful, you don’t have to become a mystery author and compete with . Agatha Christie: the important thing is to use this literal device. Together with other elements such as rhetorical figures and cognitive biases. The author  to make reading more pleasant and the copy more effective in addition to SEO aspect . Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Liked? Share it!  Esposito Articles by Riccardo Esposito Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are marked  Website This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find out how your data is processed .

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