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SEO maintenance: what to do to improve positioning? Any web page you put online with the aim of positioning it among the top of the SERP will need continuous care, because digital marketing algorithms and strategies change. There’s a lot more to say about SEO maintenance. Read on to understand which tasks need to be performed on a regular basis. Last updated: 14 October 21 Reading time 4 minutes Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni SEO maintenance Content index Why site maintenance is necessary Things to do every day to maintain or improve your ranking Monthly and quarterly SEO activities: monitor and plan Annual maintenance.

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Conclusions on website Malaysia Mobile Number List maintenance Keeping work tools functioning and, above all, performing well is the first rule for anyone who uses at least one in their daily activities. Mountain View that Website, e-commerce and blogs are now central elements in the marketing strategies of companies and, consequently, it is essential to plan regular maintenance of these platforms. Waiting for something to “break” before intervening on a digital platform that is fundamental to a brand ‘s business is not a good idea, because every minute offline, every position lost in SERP , every obsolete content can translate into a loss of money.

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When and how to do SEO Italy WhatsApp Number List maintenance of web pages. Why site maintenance is necessary The most obvious reason why . Cyclical interventions on the website are necessary is the constant evolution of Google. Every time the advent of a new algorithm that improves. The functionality of the search engine is announced. SEO specialists take action to avoid being caught . Off guard by the new criteria for classifying web pages. Mountain View that  It is not only the big G of  of everything online. But also internal reasons for individual companies . For example, it is necessary to intervene on company platforms when.   Company objectives change You lose ranking.  There are many variables that cause a deterioration in the online . Performance of a site and therefore it is necessary to . Be constant in both monitoring and maintenance.