Google’s continuous scrolling  it could increase advertising

How SEO will change with continuous Google scrolling As we have seen, the way we search on Google from our phone and the contents that will be displayed in the search results are very likely to change with this update. However, until it arrives in Italy, we will not have data to be able to make evaluations. We can only keep an eye on Search Console. Someone who goes a little further is Giorgio Taverniti , who tries to outline the scenario of what will happen when Google’s continuous scrolling becomes available to everyone.

Google is becoming increasingly ” liquid “

SEO must evolve, going beyond UK Mobile Number Database reasoning on keywords and taking ” entities ” as a reference (ecosystems that not only take into account the words searched for, but the desires, needs and habits of users ). The search results will become a feed (very similar to those we see within social networks) and this feed will change people’s experience with the search engine. With  , perhaps because it will increase CTR . The use of images and videos will become predominant, because continuous scrolling will also free up new spaces for content.

The subtopics the sub-topics related to the main keyword

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That Google often offers France WhatsApp Number List among the search results could increase. Do you also think that Google’s continuous scrolling will change the user experience and the way of doing SEO? And how? Write it in a comment. How to use the cliffhanger (also) in SEO copywriting Talking about SEO copywriting doesn’t necessarily mean limiting yourself to repeating the usual theories on keywords, related keywords and search intent. There is also room for creativity and persuasion. Some idea? Here’s the SEO copywriting cliffhanger. Last updated: 25 October 21 Reading time 4 minutes Riccardo Esposito Written by Riccardo Esposito Cliffhanger seo copywriting Content index What are cliffhangers in communication? Why is this element persuasive? Some useful examples of cliffhangers Here’s the SEO copywriting cliffhanger Do you want to use cliffhangers in your copy too?