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Meta none If you don’t want to use the two robots meta tags noindex and nofollow together to tell the search engine not to index or follow the links on a page, you can more simply use the none command. Concisely, Google says about this tag that it is “and equivalent to noindex, nofollow”. Meta noarchive The robots noarchive does not allow you to create a copy of the page in the cache and therefore prevents it from being viewed by users who type a request on the search engine. It’s an order that sounds like “ don’t show a cached link in search results ” to the crawler. Meta noimageindex Do not index the images on the page, this is the message given to the digital mind of.

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That accept this Mexico Mobile Number Database command. Meta nosnippet The nosnippet is a robots meta tag accepted only by Google and serves to prevent the textual part of the snippet or the preview of a video from being shown in the SERP, however it does not Continuous scrolling block the display of a static thumbnail of an image, if the search engine establishes that it improves UX. Do you understand why SEO cannot do without meta robots.Last updated:   Reading time   minutes Paolo Musano Written by Paolo Musano Google deletes second page Content index What will change with  .

Through the robots meta tag, the search engine

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Guided during the process of Canada WhatsApp Number List scanning websites. Giving it unequivocal indications that facilitate it in an . Activity that would otherwise burn resources in useless operations. By appropriately inserting meta robots into the pages.  It is Continuous scrolling possible to solve technical problems that would penalize . Positioning and manage the contents to be shown or not to users who search online. Google eliminates the second page has been introduced on the mobile version of . Google USA, which therefore replaces the second page of the SERPs. A novelty that could change the way of doing SEO and the habits of search engine users.