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SEO copywriting You need to use cliffhanger SEO copywriting – Source This is even more important on the web given that, in general, we can consider that human beings have an attention span of 8 seconds. And a resource, if studied badly, offers a series of perfectly useless stimuli. And which have the (unforeseen) aim of shortening the attention span on the web page even further. Some useful examples of cliffhangers Before tackling the concept of SEO copywriting cliffhanger, it is worth giving some concrete examples of good use of this strategy for good offline and online communication, whether multimedia or not.

Above we have some examples of video cliffhangers

Let’s focus on the world of Taiwan Mobile Number List writing , what does this element look like? Sentences that are characterized as elements of tension are found at the end of a paragraph or page. They are often short, high-impact elements . They stimulate the need to continue reading and this is precisely the task of a cliffhanger text: to push you to continue. This happens in two ways, according to the basic rules of literature: the hero of the final scene finds himself in a dangerous situation and the narrative stops or an event occurs that undermines the entire structure of the storytelling . But how does this apply to online writing?

One of the fundamental rules is to maintain high attention

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You can also do this in titles. Just India WhatsApp Number List respect the rules of SEO copywriting. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Here’s the SEO copywriting cliffhanger Why is there a link between cliffhangers and SEO writing ? Simple, you need to go beyond the simple enumeration of useful topics to complete an article. A page or a landing page. When we do keyword research we identify  to make it complete, useful and compliant with the needs of a very specific search intent . Then we complete the title tag (hoping that Google doesn’t rewrite it), we write the meta description , we identify the various H2, H3 and H4. But this compilation risks becoming an automatism in which each paragraph becomes an independent compartment. This is a problem because you would have to work in completely the opposite direction. That is, making everything more fluid and flowing, pleasant to read. But also interesting.