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It must be remembered that Amazon has become a competitor The main factors of Google for product searches thanks to the continuous optimization of the internal search engine. In conclusion: you need to think of the search engine inside the website as a direct line that connects the company and the customer.  It’s helpful to know some basic steps to optimize your marketplace pages.What do you need to do to be first on Amazon? Aiming to position your products among the first results on Amazon is the right approach in terms of intention, but you must be aware that achieving this objective is not easy.

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Advice for those who Greece WhatsApp Number List want to The main factors sell on this platform. Searches on Amazon without going through Google Those who want to sell products on Amazon have to deal with an increasingly evident reality: more than half of consumers bypass To put it even more clearly: 54% of users search for products directly on Amazon , therefore without going through other search engines. This data is enough to understand how strong the competition is on the largest marketplace in the world and that to obtain good sales results you cannot rely on chance.

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Works and what Japan Email List technical characteristics The main factors must be present in the product pages if you want to position them strategically on the response page of the e-commerce created by the product sheets are: Titles Product descriptions Bulleted lists Keyword Prices Images Reviews Responses to users Logistics Product availability Jeff Bezos.   Doing SEO on Amazon has become essential for those who want to do business on this online platform, because every detail not taken care of properly translates into a loss of turnover.

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