Search engine optimization  for those who are not involved

Respond to user needs, rebuild the architecture of the site to facilitate Search engine optimization  navigation and identification of what people are looking for, make the search menu more evident and the functions connected to it more effective, they are all optimization operations that favor the climb of the SERP until reaching the coveted first place of Google. Not only digital marketing benefits from this activity, but also the activities more connected to the management of a company and the sales process. For example, you can understand which products and topics are most searched for or which words identify products or services put on the market.

Observe the big names to optimize your internal

Search engine Don’t think that only Germany WhatsApp Number List companies with exorbitant Search engine optimization  turnovers have the ability to take care of every aspect of their website, because sometimes small changes are enough to obtain greater conversions. Observing the functioning of the big names on the web is an excellent approach to understand which are the best practices to implement to achieve incredible results, then you need to adapt the best practices to your budget .

Anyone who has an e-commerce site must study

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How Amazon’s internal Italy Email List search engine works , Search engine optimization  even if they don’t have the ability to invest as much as Bezos. Make suggestions as the user types the query Highlight the search categories that you can select Place the search field at the top of the homepage Return responses consistent with the user’s request Also take care of the images of the response page Add the average number of reviews to the responses Implementing some of the activities from this list (which could be longer) may require an additional investment of money or time than expected, but the results should be worth the effort.

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