The search engine Creative Commons Search

Owned by LinkedIn, is an online community for sharing presentations. Just type in the topic that interests us in the search bar to find thousands of presentations and visual content on the topics you are looking for. To read: : what it is and how to exploit it 31) Scribd Scribd is a perfect social reading and publishing platform for finding original content on the internet. On Scribd we can search for books, articles, documents, audiobooks, magazines and even sheet music. In addition, most of this content is downloadable. The The search engine search function even allows us to filter the by file type, language, category, cost, upload date, length and so on.

Search engines for website data

Statistics If we search for information Paraguay WhatsApp Number List on our favorite brands or websites we can use these search engines for data and statistics. 32) CrunchBase CrunchBase offers information on favorite brands and online companies. The lists will tell us about people associated with a company, contact information, related videos, screenshots and much more. 33 ) allows us to The search engine  search for websites or App profiles based on specific domains or App names. Domains with a high volume of traffic will have data that includes total regional visitors per month, online page views versus mobile devices, demographics, sites similar to similar audiences and more.

With You are curious to see which technology specific

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Sites use and trends in the use of Saudi Arabia Phone Number List specific technologies allows you . To search for domains and see the technology they use, including analysis, content management systems, encoding and widgets. We can also click on any of the products to view usage trends, sectors that use technology and more. Image search engines If we are looking for particular and beautiful . The search engine  images we can use specific image search engines.   However, before using the images, it is advisable to confirm that they actually have this license. 35) Flickr Flickr offers an advanced search screen that allows you to find photos, screenshots, illustrations and videos on your network. We can also search for content with a Creative Commons license.

How to do Social Search on social networks

For example, if an entrepreneur wants to know what customers say about his business on social media, you need to conduct research on multiple social networks. However, individual research on each network can be burdensome. In this case, the best option is to use a social search engine. Some excellent social search engine I’m: 24) it is useful if we have a topic in mind and we want to see which    articles on the web have been most shared for that particular research. There is a paid version that can give us access to multiple tools for each topic. 25) it is another excellent search engine for research through social platforms. It is excellent for finding people’s profiles on various social networks.

Simply enter your name or surname

Your e-mail address, a person’s Panama WhatsApp Number List username or phone number and will give you results that show all the various social profiles associated with your search query. 26) Keyhole keyhole This search engine allows us to search various social platforms for things like mentions, hashtag, keyword e URL. Keyhole it’s an excellent tool for brand monitoring, campaign  monitoring,  How to do  event monitoring and market research. Using Keyhole, we can search for hashtags, mention, URLs and keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. 27) it is a search engine that allows you to search for topics and find which conversations people are having on the subject on various social platforms. also acts as a social platform,

Which means that we can also ask questions

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Receive answers from other users. 28) Social Russia Phone Number List Mention social mention Social Mention allows us to search multiple types of networks, including blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news and much more. 29) Social Searcher social-searcher Social Searcher it is the perfect search engine to search for trendy links and mention on various social  How to do   media platforms. It is an excellent tool to monitor your brand and monitor what social media users say about that single activity, brand, product or service. Search engines for attachments, documents, eBooks and presentations Although the advanced Google search allows us to search for specific types of documents, if we are looking for attachments, documents, eBooks, presentations or other types of similar files, we can use specific search engines.

40 alternative search engines to Google

Do we need to find information quickly? Don’t we remember how many grams of flour we need for the recipe we are preparing? What will the weather be like this afternoon at 5? Now without thinking about it we ask, or we look for it, directly on Google. And to think about it, it is not so obvious since, who like myself started working on the web in the mid-1990s ’ 90 of the last century, Google was born in 1998. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Before Google in Italy, searches were made with search engines Virgil, Ariadne, Altavista is Lycos, just to name a few. Today, however, we can count hundreds and hundreds of search engines that allow you to search anonymously, without filters, in forums, in social network, uncensored etc. But Google is always there, first of the first, unassailable and increasingly aimed at perfecting the user experience of its users, trying in a thousand different ways to provide the best answer to one query in the shortest possible time.

What are the 40 alternative search engines to Google

What are the 40 alternative search engines to Pakistan WhatsApp Number List Google (and Bing) Thanks to its high personalized user experience. To the advertising platform Google Ads and to powerful algorithms. Google has become a giant in the research sector, representing approximately ’ 89% of the search traffic, according to research conducted by Static from the title . Worldwide desktop market share of leading search engines from January 2010 to July 2020. In addition to Google.  The other two major players in the global search market are.  Bing is YouTube with Bing representing 6.43% of the global research market. Colossi have always caught most of the search traffic and it is easy to assume that there is no room for others competitor.

Generic search engines

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However, these are not the only Qatar Phone Number List reliable search engines.   Generic search engines Knowing the top 40 alternative search engines and their.  Specific features makes it easier to find the information we are looking for without . Wasting precious time browsing through infinite web pages.   Yandex Yandex Although it is most widely used in Russia, its hometown . It controls 60% of the market share of Russian research), Yandex it is the fifth most popular search engine in the world. It is an intuitive search engine that allows you to search for all types of information online. Just like Google, it also offers services such as translation, maps, cloud storage and so on. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree 2) DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo With increasingly worrying online privacy, DuckDuckGo it has recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to its privacy-focused features. Unlike Google, which keeps track of everything we do online, DuckDuckGo keeps no trace of queries or search results. In addition, they do not use search data to target us with ads. DuckDuckGo also has a very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. If we are worried about the online privacy, this is the best search engine.

SEO even more interesting, which now concentrates

At this point, two possibilities open up for Apple: a search engine usable by everyone all over the world, or create it one that can only be used by owners of Apple devices or browsers, making it one more reason to buy iPhone, iPad and Mac.    than Applebot. Like other web crawlers, Applebot scans the web to determine how search results should be classified by different factors, including user involvement, relevance SEO even more and correspondence of search terms with the topics and contents of a page, the number of links a page has received from other websites and the characteristics of a page design.

Apple has updated its Applebot support

Document in July with new details:   Added how to Oman WhatsApp Number List check traffic from Applebot;  Extended details on the Applebot user agent, including the differences between its desktop and mobile version;  Expanded robots.txt rules;  Added a section which states that they do not just scan HTML, but that they also display pages similar to Google;   Added a section on SEO even more search rankings and factors that influence how it classifies web search results. Is an Apple search engine likely? What we have collected, of course, are clues (but not confirmations) that could mean that the Apple-branded search engine may already be operational.

Many SEOs and insiders are skeptical

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Google, Over the years, it has Philippine Phone Number accumulated a great deal of experience that has allowed it to become the main search engine and the most used one in the world. And it did so even if it wasn’t the first search engine to appear on the market. Of course, another search engine that could compete with Google . Would serve to break the planetary monopoly of the SEO even more  Mountain View company a little bit and perhaps make most of its activities on studying a single search engine. However, any possible updates are more likely to affect efforts than Apple to improve the results of Siri (the virtual assistant present on iOS and macOS) e Spotlight, the real-time search function developed by Apple and introduced first on Macs and then on all its devices.

Is an Apple search engine likely

As we wrote at the beginning of this article, Google introduced ’mobile-first indexing already four years ago, always emphasizing ’importance of user experience on mobile devices. This transition is nothing more than the natural consequence of these updates. Even those who are not SEO or a webmaster, can refer to the guidelines that Is an Apple  Google always makes it available to everyone when introducing an important update. In summary, the definitive transition to Google mobile-only translates into ALWAYS need an optimized version for mobile devices when you have a site or are about to launch it.

Applebot updates

A foregone truth (but not too much), since Norway WhatsApp Number List most web traffic today starts from a mobile device. You are ready to Google mobile-only? If you have useful advice or best practices based on direct experiences, for SEO and not, you can share them by leaving a comment at the end of the article. Apple’s Is an Apple  strengths compared to Google Apple represents one of the few companies that has the resources to compete with Google. With a market capitalization of over $ 2 trillion and approximately $ 200 billion in liquidity, the company has the ability not only to refuse the money received from Google, but to invest in the server infrastructure necessary to create a competitive search engine. An Apple search engine would almost certainly have a huge strength: a greater one privacy of users.

Some webmasters have reported more activity

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Apple has made great efforts to New Zealand Phone Number List distance itself from rivals in recent years by insisting that “privacy is a fundamental human right” and “one of our core values“. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree As rivals like DuckDuckGo, Apple may attempt to create a search engine that does not store personal Is an Apple  information or track users on the web. It would be easier for Apple because, unlike Google, it does not depend on advertising revenue, which benefits from personalized data with which to direct users.

Apple vs Google, the search engine war

Insistent rumors, chasing each other since this summer, say that Apple is about to take the field in the battle of search engines which, for many years, he sees Google as the tool most used by users around the world to search for information. The Financial Times he collected a number of clues which would seem to confirm this hypothesis. First of all, the improvement of the search functions which were introduced with iOS 14, the latest release of the mobile operating system of Apple. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Someone has noticed that, quite evidently, in iOS 14, Spotlight Search tends to ignore Google’s results.

How an Apple search engine would change SEO

However, the default search engine Nigeria WhatsApp Number List on its devices continues to be Google. To have this advantage over the competition the giant of Mountain View, according to the New York Times, would pay Apple between $ 8 and $ 12 billion a year. About two years ago the Apple he hired John Giannandrea, the Apple vs Google head of research of Google. And since then there has been no lack of hiring of research engineers. This suggests that Apple already has a team capable of building a search engine. Confirms it to the Financial Times Bill Coughran, former Google chief engineer. How an Apple search engine would change SEO The SEO it is a sector mainly focused on Google since it has the largest number of users among all the search engines available on the Internet.

Apple’s strengths compared to Google

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Could an Apple search Mexico Phone Number List engine bring about changes in SEO? Probably yes. We should continue to keep an eye on and study Applebot, the web crawler Apple. Since Apple has no decades of research experience like Google, strategies and tactics would also be different. Apple hasn’t confirmed this rumor yet, so for the moment it’s just theories and observations. The announcement of the search engine may be imminent or Apple vs Google  never come true. An Apple search engine, however, would certainly have an impact on SEO because there would be a competitor up to par and optimization efforts would no longer be directed exclusively to Google. Safari is the browser most popular mobile in the United States; Chrome is the second. Apple could become the second mobile search engine. .

SEO Friendly content: best practice

In the world of web marketing content continues to be central elements of strategies, but writing articles is not enough and then uploading them to the blog if you want to achieve objectives such as, for example, the increase in organic traffic on the company website.  Define the Buyer Personas it is not only useful for creating campaigns ADV targeted, but it is an activity that allows know the characteristics of users representing the target to which we want to give answers through the contents we publish. As written in another article of our blog, the Buyer Personas they are semi-fictitious representations of the ideal customer. They are based on market research, real data on existing customers and some data-driven assumptions.

What is meant by SEO friendly content

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree In New Zealand WhatsApp Number List this article I will try to clarify this important topic by explaining what are the best practices to follow.    Creating quality content for users and optimizing it to make Google like it too (to mention the best known and most used search engine) is the right way to do appear your web pages among the first non-paid results.

Writing with Buyer Personas in mind not just Google

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The basic principle is very simple: the Malaysia Phone Number List primary purpose of Google is to give answers to query users, to do so, it proposes a series of web pages that classifies their ability to answer the question. For this reason, the search engine “ repays ” the creator of excellent content by placing it on top of the SERP, precisely because it allows the reader to have that information he was looking for.  But this is not enough. Writing with Buyer Personas in mind, not just Google As already pointed out several times, you don’t just have to devise technically perfect content, thus thinking of making it a perfect resource for Google, but you need to think about who will take advantage of it.

Google mobile-only by March 2021

The Internet is increasingly mobile, traffic data from mobile devices are clear. So webmasters and i SEO have long known that a site or any content ends up on the web must be thought of and designed primarily for mobile. Indeed Google launched the ’indexing mobile-first as early as 2016.    They must be present meta tag identical robots: if the instructions of the meta robots (noindex, nofollow) on the mobile version differ from the desktop version, there may be problems with scanning and indexing. The content of the websites must match: if the content is different in the mobile version and in the desktop version, this can result in a loss of traffic. The content of the website should therefore correspond so that Google can continue to retrieve the relevant information for the search results pages.

Google mobile-first index will exclude all desktop content

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Until the recent Netherlands WhatsApp Number List statement of John Mueller.  The Webmaster Trends Analyst of Google, which, setting a precise time limit, created a little ’ of agitation among the experts.  Google Mobile First Index will exclude all desktop content Mueller added some.  Important details and news on the mobile-first index of Google, which has long been rewarding the sites mobile friendly. Breaking news is that the desktop version of a site will be completely deleted from the Google index.

3 tips for preparing for Google mobile-only

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Elimination from the index Lebanon Phone Number List of Google of the desktop version of the sites. Would not only concern web pages, but also images and all other related resources. This is what John Mueller said during the Pubcon Pro Virtual 2020.“ We are now indexing the web almost completely using a Googlebot for smartphones. Which corresponds much more to what users would actually see when they search. It is true that in the future we will only index mobile content.  And the final deadline we set is March 2021 “.

How SEO helps you sell online at specific times of the year

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree All true, but we must reason that these two promotional methods are not in conflict and that, in a forward-looking strategic plan, SEO is a winning weapon in most cases.Amazon doesn’t sell much just because it has an infinite catalog and good prices, but precisely because we know Amazon. Scrupulously take care of your digital shop from the point of view of SEO technique and gods content is what makes it distinguish from competitor less careful, but we must How SEO helps constantly optimize and respond to the needs that users manifest through the query. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Different touchpoints for a conversion: the importance of SEO I see online advertising, I click and buy. It would be nice if the average purchase process were so simple, but the reality is very different and much more articulated.

An ever wider Black Friday

In the following paragraphs I Nepal WhatsApp Number List will try to make a little ’ of clarity on this topic and to give ideas to improve the performance of e-commerce during specific occasions. An ever wider Black Friday: digital marketing must adapt Let’s consider what in recent years is the most awaited day to take advantage of How SEO helps  exceptional offers: Black Friday. I will not be telling the story of this annual anniversary during which millions of users go on the hunt for opportunities not to be missed, but it is right to consider the expansion of “ black Friday” which today does not only involve this specific post Thanksgiving anniversary, but several days before and after it. Today we talk about Black Friday week with discounts and offers ranging from the Monday preceding the fateful date to the now known Cyber Monday.

Digital marketing must adapt

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SEO and ADV during the Latvia Phone Number List anniversaries Today indiscriminately bombard users with banner, emails, posts, messages to encourage them to buy is not a very effective methodology, especially in times when everyone wants to sell and the fire of “ buy from me, don’t miss the opportunity ” it comes from all How SEO helps  sides, without stopping. What works is make known the brand to the target audience long before offering discounts, why a user who knows the company is much more likely to buy in anticipation of important holidays and also in other periods of the year.

Management of separate mobile sites and desktops

An extreme example, let’s take something like a PDF file: on a mobile device it would be terrible to navigate. It would be difficult to click on the links; the text would be difficult to read. But all the text is still there and we could index it perfectly with the mobile-first indexing. All this means that Googlebot for smartphones could scan pages that are not considered optimized for mobile devices. But this does not mean that the mobile usability of a page does not affect the mobile Management of separate positioning of a site. If you offer a poor experience, hiding content or images, if the site has other problems with mobile devices, these are all things that could affect the classification of the page and its positioning.

Prepare a site for Google mobile-first

It must always be remembered Namibia WhatsApp Number List that we must focus on optimization not only for Googlebot, but also for users who visit the site, who must be offered the best possible browsing experience. 8. The speed of the page is extremely important Nobody wants to browse a page or a slow website. There is a risk Management of separate that the user will become impatient and abandon.   Actually having a low page speed probably acts as a downgrade factor rather than the other way around. 9. Management of separate mobile sites and desktops The last point, no less important, is how to manage indexing effectively and efficiently mobile-first when you have separate mobile sites and desktops. We recommend following these directions: Be sure to correctly implement the rel = canonical and rel = elements alternated between the mobile and desktop versions of your site.

Make sure that the desktop pages of the site have

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Make sure that the robots.txt Italy Phone Number List file on both versions does not prevent scanning of key parts of the site. In particular, make sure that the mobile site does Management of separate not block i crawler. Carefully check the implementation of  . To make sure that desktop URLs refer to desktop URLs and vice versa for mobile URLs. Configure and verify both versions of the site in the Google Search Console to allow us access to all data, notices and messages. corresponding mobile pages.

Google provides advice on best practices for mobile devices

If your mobile site has less content than your desktop site, evaluate the possibility of updating the site for mobile devices so that its main content is equivalent to your desktop site. Almost all of your site’s indexing comes from the mobile site. It cannot be clearer than that. A warning is added to this advice: While designers may be tempted to improve mobile usability by removing content, this can result in traffic losses. Our recommendation is to devote time to training all interested parties involved in a site and justify why it is important to work on viewing content intuitively for mobile users, rather than hiding or removing them.

Do not confuse mobile-first indexing and mobile usability

In summary, the key Morocco WhatsApp Number List factors to consider for consistency between mobile and desktop sites are: Structured data; Metadata; Meta tag robot; Ad placement; Images and videos. It is important to keep the same elements on mobile and desktop devices to avoid problems that could arise from Google provides advice indexing mobile-first. 6. An entire one is available guide on mobile-first indexing best practices, published by Google “ to guarantee your users the best experience ”. This is an excellent point of reference for any SEO or marketer who needs to focus on indexing mobile-first. In particular, the guide invites you to follow the following best practices: Make sure that Googlebot can access content and view it correctly; Make sure the contents are the same for desktop computers and mobile devices.

The speed of the page is extremely important

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Check the structured data; Insert Iran Phone Number List the same metadata into both versions of the site; Check the placement of ads; Check visual content ( images and videos ); Additional best practices for separate URLTroubleshooting mobile device issues. It is important to take some time to read the guide carefully and refer to it if you experience problems resulting from the transition of a site to a version for mobile devices. 7. Do not confuse Google provides advice mobile-first indexing and mobile usability An important thing to understand is that indexing mobile-first is mobile usability they are not the same thing. Google’s John Mueller said about it: A site may or may not be usable from a mobile point of view, but it may still contain all the content we need for mobile-first indexing.low.

You can test how mobile a site is

There is only one index and indexing mobile-first refers to the Googlebot that scans and indexes a site, not to the index of the web pages that Google owns. In essence, where websites have equivalent content on their mobile and desktop sites.  They are unlikely to suffer any impact from the transition to mobile-first indexing. You can test Before this transition, Google first scanned a desktop site and considered a mobile site as an alternative version, if it found one.

A website should provide the same

Now the mobile version of a site is Mexico WhatsApp Number List the main one. 4. You can test how mobile a site is You can easily and quickly test a website’s mobile optimization using the Google mobile-friendly test tool. Just enter the URL of a web page to identify any usability problems on mobile devices. Although, as we will see You can test below, mobile usability and mobile-first indexing are not the same thing, it is important to understand how Google scans the mobile version of a site. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool In this case, the page passes the mobile optimization test but reports a number of page loading problems that may require further investigation. A particular problem to watch out for are blocked resources, something that Google explains by saying that if a blocked resource is important, it could have an important effect on how Google interprets the page.

Experience on mobile and desktop devices

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A website should provide the Indonesia Phone Number List same experience on mobile and desktop devices.  Google recommends that a website should provide the same experience on mobile and.  Desktop devices, which is especially important when it comes to content. In particular, its guidelines for first mobile indexing they say. You can test This affects both the mobile usability score and Google’s ability to scan your page. Make sure that important resources are not blocked to . Googlebot by robots.txt and that they are accessible in general. “ You can also analyze the mobile usability of a site by visiting the corresponding tab in the menu “ . Improvements ” in Search Console, which allows you to see any errors that require verification.