This principle is always valid in today’s SEO

Each of these elements is crucial to achieving good performance on This principle Amazon. The marketplace algorithm rewards pages in which there are consistent keywords , both in the titles and in the product descriptions, those who take care of every aspect of the relationship with the customer , and those who sell the most . Furthermore, you must always think that conversion rate, keyword relevance and customer satisfaction are the three main factors that weigh on Amazon’s ranking . To sell on e-commerce, the approach to work of the good old-time merchant must be translated into a digital key : courtesy, attention, availability, precision and timeliness in responding to the customer.

For this reason they must be declared only

After research on Guatemala WhatsApp Number List competitors , because it is important to This principle remain in a price range in line with the sector but which brings strategic and/or economic advantages. Equally important for hitting the online consumer are images. They must be original, of quality, capable of highlighting the merits of the product. The photographs must because only by creating quality content can you obtain good positioning make up for the need to hold the object in your hands to examine it carefully before buying it.

The last elements listed might seem like accessories

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Instead they weigh on the user’s idea Korea Email List of ​​the brand This principle and what they will get. By clicking on “Buy now”. The most useful advice to give is to. Know the factors that determine the ranking of amazon results. But to optimize the product pages always. Thinking about the person who will end up on them and who. Will want to have all the useful information to establish whether that. Item is perfect for your needs. Product pages that rank and convert. Think about the customer if amazon puts the customer at the center. Then even the individual seller must pay attention first to the person and then to the “Machine”. And an increase in conversions.

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