It Really Hurts to Hope but It Hurts More if

The path of life sometimes does not go along with what we want.

There are many things in life that are beyond our control. Sometimes, something requires us to give in.

People and circumstances come and go. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.

Life will sometimes push us down mercilessly..

Sometimes the things you love break you.

And sometimes, you break the things you love.

Why Do We Always Get Hurt Because we always hope for the wrong thing

The biggest disappointments in our lives often Whatsapp Mobile Number List happen when we put our hopes in the wrong place.

This is often true when it comes to our relationships with others.

How many people are broken hearted due to disappointment because they did not get the expected loyalty?
How many are suffering from the haunting shadow of the past that hurts the heart?
We forget we can only plan:

No matter how great our plans as humans are, don’t forget that God’s plans are greater than anything else.

And when God chooses us to be tested, we fall down unable to stand up.

We lose hope and lose reason. We are almost desperate.

As if that was the end.

Because of what?

Because we put too much trust in humans. Almost 100%.

We don’t realize that humans can leave us too despite a million sweet promises he gave

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Although a mountain of hope is given.

People are constantly changing and growing. So, don’t make ICTP Conference 2017 yourself bound by someone’s shadow from the past.

Learn to let go of sorrow. Even though you feel it often touches your soul..
We explain that so that you do not grieve for what has been lost from you, and so that you do not be too happy for what has been given to you. God does not like the proud and proud.

We always have the opportunity to reflect and rethink our every action, and continue to do the right thing while we have the chance.

We may love the wrong person and get hurt because of it, but sometimes it is the wrong choice that will lead us to the right place.

Will make us happier We cannot accept

The more options we have, the harder it is to make a decision.

And most people will just walk away without making a purchase due to difficulty making a decision.

This phenomenon is called the paradox of choice

2. Other Opportunities Will Lead To Comparison & Dissatisfaction
Just imagine, you have been given the opportunity to choose 5 chocolate bars, where one of the chocolates is the best in the world.

And this is the only chance for you to have it.

If you miss it then sorry you won’t get a chance like this again in life

How are you feeling right now?

The abundance of choices will result in high Whatsapp Mobile Number List expectations for each and every choice we have.

Now we know that there is only one tastiest chocolate in the world among the 5 chocolates, but our brain will think that all the five chocolates are the tastiest.

Although we don’t think so, rationally and logically, but emotionally we think we should choose the tastiest.

And even if you are very lucky to have managed to choose the best, you may still think that it is not a perfect choice.

Because you can’t taste the other four chocolates.

Other unattainable opportunities will lead to dissatisfaction within us

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This always happens in many things related to our lives.

For example:

Some people always think that their partner is not the ICTP Conference 2017 best because they think there is something better out there — even though their partner is actually the best for them.

The Importance of Eliminating Other Existing Options
The solution to this problem is obvious.

Many choices do lead to more happiness until it reaches a certain point.

After a certain level, the increase of options will only make us more confused.

— We need to reduce the available options by prioritizing what is important.

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Focus on just one business idea or career goal. Put all our efforts and time towards building it first before we move to the next step.

Examples of Email Marketing Funnels

Do you know why most marketing strategies fail? After many years of experience I have come to the conclusion that the answer is consistency . Only by respecting the order of the steps in the funnel is it possible to be consistent with the consumer, to influence the more unconscious aspects of the purchase such as trust, empathy, security which then allow us to be able to make our strategies work. Only through the concept of funnel is it possible to obtain excellent results in this great chaos that is web marketing. Millions of campaigns, millions of marketing channels and a single theoretical model that summarizes and orders them.

How to create a funnel: the winning marketing strategy

  • Upper funnel: “dem” so you send emails to databases that are not ours, bought or obtained through affiliation agreements. This allows you to intercept new users, clearly the more the list is “similar”r target, the better this type of campaign will work
  • Middle funnel: newsletters or emails sent to people within our database with the aim of keeping them always active with campaigns such as “latest arrivals”, “top of” “guides” etc.
  • Lower funnel: triggered or automatic emails such as abandoned cart and therefore campaigns that aim at conversion

Examples of Facebook marketing funnels

  • Upper funnel: similar to campaigns, i.e. users similar to your fans
  • Middle funnel : organic social media marketing or posts on the page of different types
  • Lower funnel : remarketing campaigns thatfrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List acc use installing a facebook pixel on the site and setting the campaign like this, “those who have abandoned the form page show them a discount” for example.

Example of content marketing strategy:


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  • Upper funnel: a user surfs on Google, uses informative keywords, reaches the site through a blog post becoming a visitor and wants to know how that post can help him solve his problem.
  • Middle funnels: . a user browses Google, searchesproduct with a transactional query, finds a brochure, arrives on the site becoming a prospect it it ICTP Conference 2017 ossibleossible and starts browsing. in the consideration phase, it is informed about who the company is and why it should choose it (hence the importance of the about us page). If he is satisfied, he continues to browse and before buying, check how much it costs, how shipping works, etc.
  • Lower funnels: . a user browses Google, knows he wants exactly the model of nike shoes, types a type of navigational keyword or brand, arrives on the site and needs support to understand how to buy a.