How To Choose The Best Snap Swivel

In the world of casting, the snap swivel is an essential tool.

Snap swivel or also known as “chili” in our country, will make it easier for us to install and change lures.

The use of snaps will also make the lure perform better than tied directly to the rope. In addition, it prevents the line from getting tangled on the lure.

There are many types and shapes of snap swivels on the market

We need to choose a snap according to the Latest Mailing Database needs and suitability of the lure in hunting a particular species or situation.

Tips: keep our accessories as simple as possible. The more ‘lively’ the accessory is used, it will scare the fish.

Below I list the types of snaps commonly found in fishing shops.

Duo-Lock Snap
duo-lock snap

Pros: Easy to open and close. The rounded profile provides good lure action .

Disadvantages: Often straddling when fighting big fish

Tips: Bend the snap hook slightly inwards. This will make the snaps harder to open, but reduce the chance of tripping.

Suitable for: Ultralight to medium heavy fishing.

Coast lock Snap
coast lock snap

Pros: Available in a variety of sizes. Easy to close

Do not open this snap more than you need Repeated bending will weaken the wire

Latest Mailing Database

Disadvantages: Difficult to insert into the hidden lure loop. For ICTP Conference 2017 example, a popper with a cup mouth.

Tips: Sometimes, there will be sharp corners on the end of the wire. Be sure to blunt this part to avoid injury.

Suitable for: Coastal seas

Hooked Snap
hooked snap

Pros: Easy to use. Smart design.

Cons: Hard to find in stores. Medium strength.

Suitable for: Light to medium fishing.

Fastlink Snap
fastlink snap

Advantages: Capable of being scratch-proof.

Disadvantages: Relatively limited size options. Difficult or impossible to use with lures that have hidden tie loops.

It have on building company value

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Will make us happier We cannot accept

The more options we have, the harder it is to make a decision.

And most people will just walk away without making a purchase due to difficulty making a decision.

This phenomenon is called the paradox of choice

2. Other Opportunities Will Lead To Comparison & Dissatisfaction
Just imagine, you have been given the opportunity to choose 5 chocolate bars, where one of the chocolates is the best in the world.

And this is the only chance for you to have it.

If you miss it then sorry you won’t get a chance like this again in life

How are you feeling right now?

The abundance of choices will result in high Whatsapp Mobile Number List expectations for each and every choice we have.

Now we know that there is only one tastiest chocolate in the world among the 5 chocolates, but our brain will think that all the five chocolates are the tastiest.

Although we don’t think so, rationally and logically, but emotionally we think we should choose the tastiest.

And even if you are very lucky to have managed to choose the best, you may still think that it is not a perfect choice.

Because you can’t taste the other four chocolates.

Other unattainable opportunities will lead to dissatisfaction within us

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

This always happens in many things related to our lives.

For example:

Some people always think that their partner is not the ICTP Conference 2017 best because they think there is something better out there — even though their partner is actually the best for them.

The Importance of Eliminating Other Existing Options
The solution to this problem is obvious.

Many choices do lead to more happiness until it reaches a certain point.

After a certain level, the increase of options will only make us more confused.

— We need to reduce the available options by prioritizing what is important.

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Focus on just one business idea or career goal. Put all our efforts and time towards building it first before we move to the next step.

Is it true that having unlimited freedom

If we want to maximize our happiness, perhaps the best way to achieve it is to maximize our freedom.

This is because freedom is something that is very valuable, useful and needed by everyone.

It makes sense.

When we have freedom, we can use it to do things that maximize our happiness.

No one will direct us and no one will make decisions for us.

And the way to maximize freedom is to maximize our choices.

In this world, most people want to be rich not because they want a lot of money

But it is because money will bring more freedom into our lives.

Money will give you more options.

The more choices we have, the Latest Mailing Database more freedom available to us.

When more freedom is available to us, then indirectly we will be happier.

— No one will question this.

We need to know that:

Everyone wants to have more freedom to define life in their own way.

Today, we are inundated with unlimited options:

There are more than a hundred degree programs to choose from at various colleges and universities these days.
Our smartphones come with millions of applications that can be downloaded.
When we walk into a grocery store, we have hundreds of brands to choose from.
Logically, this should all make us happier.

Because more choices will necessarily create more happiness


This belief has been embedded in our daily lives.

But does more choice really lead to happiness?

The Dark Side of Having Unlimited Freedom
I don’t mean that more choice and freedom is not good for us.

However there is no supporting argument about how more choice will change our world for the better

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Let’s look at the negative effects that occur ICTP Conference 2017 when  there are “more choices” in our lives.

1. Too Many Choices Will Cause Difficulty & Paralysis
Imagine what would happen if Apple launched 100 different iPhone models in one year.

Sales are bound to fall, why?

Because there are too many models to choose from. It will make the choice very difficult to finalize.

The problem is not about the quality of the product, but that consumers need to spend more time to make a choice.

Door Knob The Funnel For CPG Businesses

This funnel scheme features high engagement but low curiosity. This funnel occurs above all in CPG companies called package goods such as quick and low-cost purchases such as shopping to buy cocacola . In this funnel, users don’t waste time searching for information and evaluating options. Purchases are frequent and repeated. Given the great competition, communicative positioning is essential to stand out from the competitionwe Latest Mailing Database are. Purchases are often instantaneous and impulsive, driven by low prices and huge promotions. Product availability is a very important factor


  • Great expectations
  • Low propensity to brand loyalty
  • Lots of competition in the market and aggressive marketing

Goldfish: the funnel for B2B and high-priced B2C products

Latest Mailing Database

This funnel is characterized by a high level of curiosity and is mainly found for B2B businesses. Customers check a lot of information before buying, they need to ask questions and talk to customer service , get recommendations on which partner to choose. Competitors have difficulty differentiating themselves. The purchasing process itomers and companies are highly specialized and there is a need for a great deal of knowledge about the product. It happened to find this funnel also in the B2C with businesses based on very high product prices but with great competition such as the travel sector



  • Long research phase before buying
  • Inclusion of many partners in the process
  • Commodity supply
  • Similar positioning among competitors

Trumphet: funnel for luxury businesses

related to business “lifestyle” such as luxury cars, watches, etc. It is characterized by a high degree of affinity using influencers and communicative positioning to empathize with the brand. Reputation is essential and for this reason the buying process is very simple.


  • Enticed to buy
  • They trust in the quality of the brand
  • Motorcycles influenced by word of mouth

Funnel: funnel for commercial activities

this funnel must be based on increasing the level of commitment and affinit

Do you know why most marketing strategies fail? After many years of experience I have come to the conclusion that the answer is consistency . Only by respecting the order of the steps in the funnel is it possible to be consistent with the consumer, to influence the more unconscious aspects of the purchase such as trust, empathy, security which then allow us to be able to make our strategies work. Only through the concept of funnel is it ICTP Conference 2017 ossible to obtain excellent resuis great chaos that is web marketing. Millions of campaigns, millions of marketing channels and a single theoretical model that summarizes and orders them.

  • Upper funnel: display campaigns ranging by age and gender interests based on the analysis of our target or look alike campaigns similar to facebook type.
  • Middle funnel: no-brand campaigns that reach out to people who have an interest in our business
  • Lower funnel : brand campaigns that attract users who have already decided to buy from us or remarketing campaigns like the ones before on the abandoned cart.