Will make us happier We cannot accept

The more options we have, the harder it is to make a decision.

And most people will just walk away without making a purchase due to difficulty making a decision.

This phenomenon is called the paradox of choice

2. Other Opportunities Will Lead To Comparison & Dissatisfaction
Just imagine, you have been given the opportunity to choose 5 chocolate bars, where one of the chocolates is the best in the world.

And this is the only chance for you to have it.

If you miss it then sorry you won’t get a chance like this again in life

How are you feeling right now?

The abundance of choices will result in high Whatsapp Mobile Number List expectations for each and every choice we have.

Now we know that there is only one tastiest chocolate in the world among the 5 chocolates, but our brain will think that all the five chocolates are the tastiest.

Although we don’t think so, rationally and logically, but emotionally we think we should choose the tastiest.

And even if you are very lucky to have managed to choose the best, you may still think that it is not a perfect choice.

Because you can’t taste the other four chocolates.

Other unattainable opportunities will lead to dissatisfaction within us

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This always happens in many things related to our lives.

For example:

Some people always think that their partner is not the ICTP Conference 2017 best because they think there is something better out there — even though their partner is actually the best for them.

The Importance of Eliminating Other Existing Options
The solution to this problem is obvious.

Many choices do lead to more happiness until it reaches a certain point.

After a certain level, the increase of options will only make us more confused.

— We need to reduce the available options by prioritizing what is important.

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Focus on just one business idea or career goal. Put all our efforts and time towards building it first before we move to the next step.

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