Become aware of the role of SEO within the growth of your Brand

Your stock (if you have an e-commerce) and your calendar (if you sell leads or non-material services). You know your goals. , things will go more or less like this: A first exploratory call, totally free and without any obligation, to understand who you are (you) and who we are (us) If the first call is of mutual interest, we will investigate the issue from an SEO point of view, with a contact person from the team (you can find them all at the bottom of the page!) An initial SEO analysis of the project will be carried out, to understand where you are, where you want to go and what overview the search engine offers for your project.

If we decide to work together the actual recursive and monthly

operational activity will Benin WhatsApp Number List begin, made up of all those practical operations that concern the world of positioning on search engines: keyword Become aware of research, search intent, technical SEO, content optimization and possibly link building Month by month, we will analyze together (you and us) the data emerging from the activity through the appropriate tools (generally Google Search Console and Google Analytics), the achievement of the hypothesized objectives.

We will obviously provide you with suggestions for solving problems

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Further implementations, to France Telegram Number List exploit the potential that has emerged . The above may change from project to project, but the onboarding and.  Management of each client tends to follow at least these steps. Furthermore, throughout the period in which we will collaborate. We Become aware of will take care of providing you with all the information necessary . Not only to evaluate our work , but more generally to understand.  The reasons for some choices and the cause/effect relationships that influence your project. A real training from an entrepreneurial point of view, which will allow you to . How to proceed from here on out? Do you already know what you need? If the answer is yes, you can contact us in the way you prefer : by telephone, via email or using the contact form. In this way you have the opportunity to communicate directly with us: we are waiting for you for a no-obligation chat, just to get in touch.

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