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If you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it, you can continue browsing by looking at some of the main services we offer as an SEO agency! Why is the Pillar Page useful to your SEO strategy? Pillar Pages have become essential elements in today’s SEO strategies and the reason is simple: they work in terms of SERP The SEO project positioning. To create truly effective “pillar” content you need to know some fundamental principles. Read on to find out. Last updated: 2 August 21 Reading time 4 minutes Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni SEO pillar page Content index Pillar Page and topic clusters Pillar Page.

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How to create a pillar page Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Select the right topic Divide the Pillar into paragraphs and insert links to further information Write with the target in mind If you The SEO project work in the field of SEO and, above all, if you create textual content for web platforms, the Pillar Page should be your daily bread. The optimization of sites for search engines changes constantly and almost always the reason is an update to the Google algorithm, which often goes hand in hand with the evolution of people’s online habits. The Pillar Page today is one of the fulcrums of SERP positioning , precisely because it satisfies the needs of both the artificial and human mind.

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SEO pillars that support websites Germany Telegram Number List are. Pillar Page and topic clusters .The first important concept to know when structuring or writing a . Pillar page is that of “topic cluster”. What in Italian we can translate as a “group of topics” in . The context of Search Engine Optimization is to be considered . The SEO project as a set of topics related to each other that give life to a broad . Content that answers all (or almost all) the questions relating to a precise scope. By carefully analyzing and developing the topic clusters relating to¬† what it wants. Exhaustive answers to propose to the users who query it. Furthermore, a Pillar built around a group of related. Topics and with the right links becomes an internal linking framework. That helps the search engine and the user to delve deeper into the individual topics covered.

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