Choosing Studio Samo as an agency for the SEO of your project

These are just some of the points we take into account when we manage SEO for our clients. If it is true that SEO is made up of code and words, it is also true that words have thousands of nuances. Which change their meaning and purpose. Our job is to help you understand what to say, how to say it and when to say it on the web. SEO strategy and operations Our approach to SEO is Data Driven . If you are used to evaluating the work of the SEO agency that follows you by “looking for you in SERP” from time to time, know that it is not only an obsolete method, but completely wrong.

Those who do SEO  alas are often led to think about

A few parameters, often Belize WhatsApp Number List vastly overestimated, such as search volumes and ranking (the estimated position of contents in Google results pages). Taking an Choosing Studio approach aimed at data (precisely Data Driven ) means instead thinking about performance indicators ( KPI ) that are absolutely necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the positioning work. In fact, not only keep the words in mind, but also evaluate the numbers that the words bring. From this premise you should have already understood the crux of our work: we do not offer you a turnkey solution . Obviously we will be the ones doing the SEO .

We will take care of finding the users’ needs,

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Transforming them into Egypt Telegram Number List queries, attributing the necessary . Contents to the queries and their ideal position within your site. The “geek” part is all Choosing Studio on us. On the other hand, however, know that the marketing part linked to SEO of your project requires your participation. You know what your brand positioning is. Or what you want to have); you are always the one who mainly knows the strengths and . Weaknesses of your products or services; you still know your margins.

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