The user is satisfied with the response but wants

The more searches are done, the longer people stay on the SERP without going to other sites and the greater the chance that they will interact with paid ads . If, on the contrary, they clicked on third-party websites, Google would lose commercial opportunities. Furthermore, it The user is satisfied must be considered that anyone who types a query and wants a . Direct answer is probably inclined to reformulate the question. Thus giving Big G further opportunities to show more advertising and, ultimately, to earn money. Optimize for zero-click results One of the first actions to do when you want to position a web page is to analyze the SERP based on the identified keywords.

If we notice that Google tends to give zero-click results

We shouldn’t think that Mexico Phone Number List everything is lost and that it’s not worth. Investing in optimization.  Advantages to a company: Brand awareness Conquest of several strategic positions . Sell ​​more When Google chooses to show part of content published on a third-party site to give a direct response to the user. It implicitly transmits its prestige to the brand , which increases its visibility . The user is satisfied and authority. Another strategic objective to pursue is the control of various positions on the first page of Google. Just imagine how the conversion possibilities multiply if one or more contents of the same site simultaneously achieve the zero-click result and other hot positions on the SERP.

Finally  you can sell more because it is not always true that

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A direct response from Iran Phone Number List Google does not stimulate the user to click on the link of the third party site . There are various situations in which this happens, for example.  Obtain a product or service.  The user gets the desired information.  Opens an app or site that they know and converts. If you intend to optimize to appear in zero-click results. You need to do in-depth work on the keywords and. Never more than in this case, create quality content that also satisfies the need to show a concise but complete .

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