The latter was the most used in SEO strategies

Studio  Pro Mini degree It’s fine to write for the human reader, but without caring about the rules of who has to bring the content before his eyes. Repetitive and poor quality texts Never before has the old motto ” Content is King ” been as valid as it is today, because The latter was  the search engine increasingly rewards the quality of the content Article spinning no longer works , i.e. the technique of quickly creating several articles on a single topic by changing only a few sentences and using synonyms, the reason is simple.

Google is able to compare two similar

Contents and understand that Sweden Phone Number List one is a copy of the other . Those who still use this method to obtain SEO benefits make two mistakes in the eyes of the search engine: Offers poor quality items He does not publish an original text Practically trying to take a shortcut The latter was  leads to finishing last or even being disqualified from the race. To bring content to the SERP podium, the best solution is to dedicate time to its creation and, if necessary, to update it over time . Overly optimized anchor text.

The inclusion of internal links in the contents

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Web pages is a feature of any good site Taiwan Phone Number List structure. Because carefully inserted links help improve the user experience . An anchor text can be generic, branded, naked. On image, partial match, exact match . , because the search engine . Currently this technique does not always provide benefits in terms of ranking . Especially if used excessively, because Google no longer . Likes over-The latter was  optimized texts. Also in this case it is the naturalness of the anchor text that earns points. The words you click on to go to another content must make you understand the destination and give an answer to . The implicit query , they can no longer be taken out of context. A link must be useful to the user and underlined by text that is not yet forced.

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