Content written for the search engine  not for the user

You have to think of the old Google as a person with a hard grasp of understanding who had to repeat a concept many times to make him fully understand it. Legends (which are not that far from reality) say that in the early days of SEO, keywords were hidden within the texts of the web pages that you wanted to position by writing them in white on a white background. And the trick is said to have worked, to find texts with a lexicon so “mechanical” as to be almost incomprehensible to the human reader among the top places of the SERP .

Today’s Google has an enormous capacity for understanding

Compared to its ancestor and does Netherlands Mobile Number List not positively evaluate a text loaded with keywords, a bit like a person who can hear well and is annoyed by an interlocutor who obsessively reiterates a term. Keyword research is still important for SEO,Content written for content marketing and inbound marketing , but the result of the analysis must be used to better understand the user’s search intent and, consequently, to create content that responds exactly to it. The bottom line is: avoid keyword stuffing . We always have to go back in time, but without reaching the prehistory of optimization.

Forcing keywords into sentences is definitely

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Copies now rarely write Switzerland Phone Number List things like “seo meaning is . Search engine optimization” to exploit the positioning power of the specific . Keyword “seo meaning”. The best practice for those who create content to position web pages on the search engine is to . Write in a natural way, trying to give quality information to . The user, in the most effective way possible. Content written for This does not mean that we can forget some fundamental principles of creating SEO Friendly content . For example the correct use of heading tags.  Keywords, lists. We must always remember that in order for users to find. Therefore read the texts published on the site, they must first be recognized and evaluated by Google .

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