The internal search engine should be tested until

You can ensure that search engines find important information about images and videos, which are inaccessible to crawlers. Almost always when designing positioning strategies on digital channels for companies or individual products we immerse ourselves in laborious analyzes based on highly advanced tools. This preliminary activity is certainly essential to create strong foundations on which to build targeted plans and, at times, also to have clearer objectives that can be achieved with the available budget . The incredible thing is that very often we forget about an exceptional source of data on the needs of users who frequent the company website or e-commerce: the internal search engine .

This tool that simplifies the life of those who want to find something

On a web platform is France WhatsApp Number List actually very important also for those who want to sell. This is why it is essential to optimize it and analyze the information it returns. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Internal search engine and UX In recent months we have been talking about the importance of UX (User Experience) and the reason is definitely valid: Google has decided to also take into consideration the user experience to determine the ranking of a web page .

This fact reinforces the need to optimize the internal search engine of a site

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Even more so if it is Germany Email List an e-commerce , to satisfy customer needs. A user who goes to an online shop or an information site and doesn’t find what they’re looking for within seconds leaves, sometimes forever. Optimizing search on your platform brings more sales, improves ROI and ROAS , because a good User Experience is able to positively influence the user and lead them from the easy selection of a product to the purchase of what they have put in the virtual cart .

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