Indicate whether or not a subscription is required to view the video

The URL pointing to the video player.  You can usually find this URL in the video’s embed code. The length of the video in minutes, Indicate whether or between 0 and 28800 (8 hours). This isn’t technically required, but Google recommends it. Include this information only if the video will not be available after a certain date. If you use it, put dates in YYYY-MM-DD format, and times in Thh:mm:ss:TZD format. The evaluation of the video. Only values ​​between 0.0 and 5.0 are valid.

The number of times the video has been viewed

The date the video was Finland WhatsApp Number List published, Indicate whether or not the date you put it on your site. If No, your video will only appear in search results when the user disables SafeSearch. Otherwise, put Yes. A very brief description of the key concepts related to your video. Create a separate item for each tag you use, up to 32 tags. The broad topic your video covers, such as SEO, Digital Marketing or Advertising .  The URL where you can find the collection your video appears in, if there is one. Each video can only have one gallery_loc tag. If your gallery has a title you can add the title attribute .

The price to download the video

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The currency= attribute is China Email List required and uses the ISO 4217 currency code. Add the optional type= attribute to specify whether the download is for purchase or rental, Indicate whether or  and resolution= to specify whether the video is HD or SD. You can use it multiple times for each currency you accept. Allowed values ​​are yes and no to .   This URL must be the same domain as the tag. The platforms, web, mobile and TV, from where the video may or may not be accessible. The relationship= attribute defines whether the list is inclusive or exclusive. You can only have one platform tag per video.

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