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With the help of SEOZoom , for example, it is possible to identify the cannibalization of keywords thanks to a special section available in the first Italian tool for managing all SEO activities. The importance of planning (because prevention is better than cure) Anyone with a blog or website with professional aspirations should develop an editorial plan . Planning the contents to be created in detail allows you to reduce the margin of error to a minimum, especially with regards to the overall architecture of the blog and its efficiency from an SEO point of view.

Predicting the topics to be covered in advance means

First of all deciding which Austria WhatsApp Number List keywords to compete for and what type of search intent to intercept with each piece of content, minimizing the risk of publishing duplicate content (or even tripled or quadrupled), thus strengthening your inbound strategy . Marketing . The editorial plan , more than any super advanced tool, can nip the keyword cannibalization problem in the bud and ensure your website has an over the top ranking. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree How to solve the keyword cannibalization problem? Oops, too late! The keyword cannibalization virus has already hit your blog or website. What to do to solve the problem? Here are the main steps to follow to combat SEO cannibalization. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Delete a piece of content.

Keyword cannibalization can be resolved by deleting

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The cannibalized content to rank the UK WhatsApp Number List cannibalized one. This solution is desirable when the content to be deleted adds nothing to the “main” content. The one you intended to position. Merge multiple contents . In the event that two or more contents that overlap with each other are all important. And therefore you want to continue to exploit their potential, you can choose to merge them into a single pillar content. Use the Rel canonical” tag . Two contents are similar and you find them both useful. You don’t want to merge them and would like.  Both to remain on your  is the main one. With the ”canonical” tag you can communicate to the search engine which of the two URLs represents the main page/article, therefore the one to position. This way you don’t confuse Google and avoid cannibalization.