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Google EAT: Fundamental Expertise, Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness the concepts contained in Google’s EAT acronym have long been considered important ranking factors. So why do I talk about the future of SEO by referring to them? Expertise  Competence A   Authoritativeness Trust worthiness  Reliability . The problem of fake news cannot  . Be solved with a click, which is why it will be increasingly important for a site to demonstrate . That it is a point of reference on a certain topic. Showing the competence and authority of those who create the content to respond to . Users and the reliability of the information published.

If it was once said that EAT was a method to evaluate

Above all the delicate  Turkey Phone Number List Your Money or Your Life contents, those relating to people’s money and lives, from now on it seems to be very important for many other sectors. Continue to satisfy the user even if everything changes The only way to Online universe  continue to have good organic traffic on your website is to take care of the user experience from every point of view . Anyone who works in digital marketing says this. What is sometimes not told to agency clients is that to take care of the UX and continue to satisfy the people who browse for a long time.

It is necessary to cyclically optimize the site pages

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Update the contents. For Latvia Phone Number List example, web pages that today are perfect for desktop and mobile browsing could become unusable on a new device or a blog post could become obsolete over the years. Therefore, the future of SEO Online universe  will be technological but centered on humans : on the one hand the increasingly aware users and on the other the specialists who will have to satisfy them using professionalism and advanced tools. Updating evergreen content is a fundamental SEO practice Evergreen content remains “fresh” for a long time, but it is not eternal. It is important to know when and how to update them to continue reaping their beneficial effects.