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Leading the Way in Technology One Comment Post a  must be loggd in to post a comment. Jon Lee 2016-03-27 Thanks for your question Robert. Looking back I realize some examples would help. Many agencies sell or renew licenses and use them for customer service but they don’t inform the licensee customer service staff of what is happening. Some agencies promote products or services such as parks and wildlife or performing arts and offer specials through social media but don’t work with the box office staff. Some agencies conduct education or outreach through social media but don’t work with the staff who provide the same materials to the public. Hopefully this helps. Log in to reply to the latest post on Data Plays.

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the way with technology Make mental health awareness a priority How to extend. Zero trust to edge data Previous This week What to expect Education. Next The future in the cloud Grey logo links to home Turkey Phone Number List page Government. Cycle Help Privacy Policy Terms of Service Sitemap Do Not Sell My Personal Information Preferences Logo links to home page Training Resources Academy NextGen Blog About Us Register Login Project Management Boston Bike Share to Expand in Spring Susan Bregman 2018-03-27 Boston Bike Share to Close for Winter This Week but Will Reopen in June with New Stations in Neighborhoods. Original Post Relate Content Data plays a role.

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Intelligence Requires New Strategies Leave a Comment Leave a Comment You must be logge in to post a comment. PreviousLatest Posts from Data Makes a Difference. Data Makes a Difference. Making Mental Health Awareness a Priority How to Extend Zero Trust to the Edge Data Communication Leadership Project Management Technology Year Bringing Vietnam Phone Number Code for America to Your Town Alisa Black 2019-03-27 Code for America Fellowship Program Join us for a webinar on 2019-03-26 Space is limitd. Reserve your webinar spot now In our first year we built several civic apps that helpe government deliver services more openly, more efficiently, and better engage with constituents.

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