The Internet World is Like a Small Neighborhood

Kindness and respect will bring a lot of good.

When we are online, we are part of a vast community around the world. The world felt small, as if it were only one neighborhood.

We are very easily influenced by anger and rudeness when there is no one in front of us.

We all probably know that anger can hurt, and that it can spread into even greater anger.

Therefore it is good to guard our thoughts and attitudes

There is nothing wrong with conflict, but we Database will be much more productive if we keep our attitude.

Next time, when you are faced with anger on the internet, try to think in the context of a small neighborhood and try to be kind.

Take a Breath.. and Calm Down for a Moment
When you see something you don’t like and feel like expressing your opinion..

… the first thing is to take a deep breath and reconsider what you want to do.

The world can wait a few seconds to hear what you think

During this period, we may realize how “heavy” a message is that we want to send to others.

— This article is not about correcting anyone.

I admit that I always feel guilty when being a rude person with every point of view presented from time to time.

I used to regret this.

And I think most other people have too.

I think everyone agrees that we don’t need more negativity in this world


So what is necessary is; choose exactly the view ICTP Conference 2017 you want to convey.

Take a breath, form your opinion, and wait a moment before you express your thoughts into the world.

They reflect on you and they matter to others.

Make sure it’s exactly what you want to say.

If there is nothing important, then it is better to be silent.

Don’t talk unless it’s really worth talking about.

Face Failure Like A Scientist Make the purchase

For example, if you are interested in reading, dedicate time to reading the book you bought. Not just buy a few books and then just keep them on the shelf.

Set in our calendar, always schedule time to do activities related to our hobbies.

God willing, our desire to collect things will definitely decrease.

And we will feel happier when we can do what we really like

And one more thing, don’t easily fall into the Database trap of convincing ourselves that our collection of items will make money in the future.

When a scientist conducts an experiment, there are different types of possibilities for the results that will be obtained.

Some results are positive and some may be negative, but they are all data (information).

Each result is information that can lead to an answer or solution.

And this is how scientists accept failure: every result obtained is still considered data / information.

This is very different from how our society talks about failure..
There is a stigma in our society – failure is always seen as an indicator of one’s self-worth.

Failing the Test. Means He is Not Smart Enough.

Failing in Art Means. He is Not Creative.

Failing in Business. Means He is Not Diligent Enough.


But for scientists, negative results are not an indication that they are bad scientists


In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Proving a hypothesis wrong is often as useful as ICTP Conference 2017 proving it right, because we will learn something new along the way.

Our failure is information (teaching) that can help us to the real answer.

Failure is the Fee You Must Pay to Achieve Success

I don’t mean that we should purposefully make mistakes or failure something fun.

On the contrary, we should try to do it in the most correct and best way possible.