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This will give you article ideas that are relatively easy to compete for while still being within reach of your fresh domain. Choosing the word difficulty wisely will give you faster results. Long tail articles will drive traffic to your site faster and set the stage for a targeted ranking for key phrases. 3. Speaking of the main phrases, which I will call the short tail. Keep them in mind, but don’t focus your efforts on them right from the start. It’s not worth it to stubbornly fight for them from the beginning.

Start by simply putting them on

the site. After all, one day you want the site to Overseas Chinese Data be exposed to them. So you need to build your authority and latch on to these keywords – the sooner you start, the better. How do you identify such subject groups?  10 articles in the generated content plan. These articles contain the most frequently searched words and are the most difficult to implement in the entire content plan. Planning a seo content strategy for a new domain The result of the generated content plan will tell you that in order to become a leader on the topic specified in the project, you need to place X articles on the site (thematic areas / clusters), which must be encapsulated in thematic categories (silos).

Be careful not to immediately jump


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on the buzzwords. Approach this aspect with detachment and caution. Throughout this process, also pay attention to the categories of the content plan that Australia Phone Number List  we have suggested. They can inspire you to plan the right information architecture for your site. In addition, linking articles in a category should give you a clue about how to design the internal links between articles and which articles to place close to each other. You know what you have to do, so let’s go. Try the described flow to increase traffic in practice Yes, you probably do most of the methods described every day, on a smaller scale, by hand, and it all works.


Why CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the most important KPI of an e-commerce

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the metrics that, due to its characteristics, should be considered central in defining the management strategy of an e-commerce. In the field of e-commerce, however, there is still too often a tendency to focus exclusively on maximizing the number of new customers acquired, chasing revenue targets by following this only path. Here, focusing on the CLV, setting up initiatives aimed at maximizing it, could represent the shortcut that many entrepreneurs seek to reach their goals sooner: let’s see why!

Customer Lifetime Value is a metric that measures

The average value of each customer over. Time and Chinese UK deciding to adopt it by engaging. In activities aimed at maximizing. It means shifting the focus towards establishing stronger. And more lasting relationships with existing customers . Rather than channeling all efforts towards attracting and converting new buyers. This is a significant strategic change, if we consider that the cost of. Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times greater. Than the cost of converting an existing customer. Not only that. A 5% increase in the loyalty of current. Customers leads to a 25% increase in sales (Harvard Business Review, 2014) because already loyal customers tend to spend more and more often and this is especially true for certain sectors, including e-commerce. In short, CLV is one of those metrics that cannot be overlooked in a successful e-commerce: let’s see how it is calculated!

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How is CLV calculated?

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value is quite simple. The final value of CLV is given by 2 elements: the average value of each customer for the company and the Indonesia Phone Number List average duration of the relationship between customer and company. To arrive at these 2 values ​​and the final calculation, we go through these steps:

Calculating the average purchase cost
Turnover in a period of time t / Number of purchases made in time t

2. Calculating the average purchase frequency
Number of sales in period t / Number of unique customers in period t

3. Calculating Customer Value
Average Purchase Spend x Average Purchase Frequency

4. Calculating Customer Lifetime
To calculate this value, you need to consider the average of the years or months in which customers continue to purchase from your company.

5. CLV Calculation

At this point, the Customer Lifetime Value is simply calculated by multiplying:

Customer Value x Customer Lifetime

Thus obtaining the CLV, or the average value that can be expected in terms of turnover from a single customer during their relationship with the company. Considering this metric strategically and aiming to maximize it is essential to continue to obtain better sales results over time. Moreover, even in this case, the famous Pareto law is on the side of the CLV, given that 20% of customers always bring 80% of the turnover.

But be careful! Especially for more structured e-commerce, the CLV cannot be unique, but must be calculated and maximized according to the different customer segments you have, so as to be able to carry out targeted actions towards them and maximize their value. How? Let’s see it together!

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5 Tips to Improve the Customer Lifetime Value of Your E-commerce
Given the importance of the metric, here are 5 levers you can operate on to maximize the value obtainable from your customers and improve the ROI of your e-commerce :

The hierarchy of pages is developed on the basis

Start promoting with narrower product categories and low-frequency keys, expanding the semantics further.  Development of website structure Create a website structure based  on the semantic core (SC) The volumetric structure of the site is one of the features of online store promotion.  of the collected semantic core. The hierarchy of pages is developed on the basis The hierarchy of pages is developed on the basis Landing pages should be created for all types of requests: the most general (high-frequency) queries should lead to the main page or section .

This approach will help bring the target

The most accurate (low-frequency) ones – to product Special Data pages or subcategories (depending on the case).  audience to the site. Do not forget that the structure should be logical, intuitive, and the content should not be duplicated in different sections. Don’t nest too much Ideally, the user should be able to get to any product in 2-3 clicks. Too much nesting negatively affects the usability of the site. Expand your product range When promoting an online store, the product range is of great importance.

If you have products for sale

A site with a wider range of products is more likely to ICTP conference 2017 satisfy the user’s needs. Create more product cards by combining different characteristics – color, type, important technical indicators (memory capacity, power), material, etc. For example, having one smartphone model in the assortment, presented in three different colors and with three memory capacity options, we can get 9 different positions.  that are not always in stock, create cards for them (if they do not exist).

How to end a development letter or business email

Why is the closing greeting of a sales letter or business email important?

Some people may think that when sending an email, all that matters is the content of the email itself. In other words, the body of the email is where you put your value, but the way you introduce yourself in the email and how you close it are just as important.

Your sign off and body message can help your email get more attention and more replies, which is the purpose of sending business emails and cold emails.

The closing salutation you’ll use should serve as an effective call to action, inviting the recipient to take some action and ultimately get back to you.

In conclusion, what you should remember when closing an email is that certain closing phrases can lead to higher response rates. Now let’s take a look at the list of closing phrases for your development or business emails.

27 Best Ways to Sign for Development Letters or Business Emails

Below is a list of 27 email closing phrases that can be used to end both professional and personal emails in the most appropriate way, making it more likely to get a response and getting the most out of your cold email or business email communication.


This is the most common and one of the best closing salutations to use. Also, it is a nice and polite way to end an email and makes the email recipient more likely to get back to you.

Alternative: Thank you, Many thanks, All my thanks, Thanks so much

Tip: When it comes to professional emails, avoid using “Thx” (which is short for “Thanks”) as it is likely to be perceived as an overly informal way to close.

2Best regards

The second most widely used closing phrase to end a formal email is “Best regards.” It can be used as a closing phrase for a professional email, and it is also ideal for the first email.

Alternatives: Warm regards, Kind regards, Regards, Kindest regards

Tip: Avoid using abbreviations like RGDS as your email will most likely sound too informal.

3Best wishes

Best wishes is a great phrase to end your business email. The phrase Best wishes can be used to end almost any professional email, business letter, and follow-up email.

Alternative: Warm wishes

4Yours truly

Many people believe that phrases like “Yours truly” can sound too formal and stiff, so avoid using them with regular clients and people you interact with regularly.

Alternative: Yours faithfully

5Take care

Take care is another widely used email Chinese Overseas Africa Number Data sign-off. It is a nice, casual sign-off for a friend or familiar colleague. However, it should be avoided in business emails as it may be perceived as intimate.

Alternative: Look after yourself


Ending your email with the words Sincerely is a polite and nice way to end an email. It is usually used when writing to someone you don’t communicate with very often.

Alternative: Yours sincerely, Sincerely yours

7Thanks in advance

In both professional and personal emails, saying thanks in advance makes you appear respectful and polite.

Alternative: Thank you in advance

Tip: When using phrases like these, try not to sound demanding. Try to actually show that you’re thanking the person who’s helping you, rather than suggesting that they should be obligated to help you.

8I appreciate your feedback

A good closing phrase for an email asking Belize Phone Number List for feedback or help is “Thank you for your feedback.”

Alternative: I appreciate your input, I appreciate your opinion, I appreciate your help


Similar to “Thanks,” “Cheers” is a casual and friendly email sign-off that is widely used when sending emails to colleagues or external collaborators with whom you have a friendly, developing, informal relationship.


Best is one of the most commonly used email closing phrases.

Some people believe that it has become virtually meaningless and indifferent. However, depending on the situation, it can still be used as a sign-off for a business email. In most cases, it is a safe sign-off for almost any email.

5 tips to improve your business’ customer service

Customer service
In a competitive market, the quality of customer service is a crucial differentiator for the success of any business, whether online or physical.

In Portugal, where personal relationships play a significant role, effective customer service can boost loyalty and attract new customers. Here are five tips to improve your business’s customer service in Portugal.

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5 tips to improve your business’ customer service 3

1. Understand Individual Needs

Every customer is unique, with specific needs and expectations. By understanding each customer’s unique needs, you can offer personalized service. Show genuine interest in listening to the customer’s concerns and adapt your approach accordingly.

2. Invest in Continuous Training for the Team

A well-trained team is essential to providing quality customer service. Invest in ongoing training to ensure that your team is up to date on products Gambling Number Data services and communication techniques. This promotes confidence and competence in the service provided.


 Use Technology to Support Customer Service

In Portugal , where technology plays an increasing role in everyday life, taking advantage of technological tools is crucial. Implement Belgium Phone Number List customer support systems, efficient chatbots and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to optimize service and streamline processes.

digital marketing lisbon agency marketing consultancy portugal r2up digital marketing 95 tips to improve your business’s customer service 4
4. Be Proactive in Problem Solving:
Anticipate customer needs and be prepared to resolve issues before they arise. Proactive customer service that anticipates and resolves issues quickly builds a positive reputation and strengthens customer relationships.

5. Request and Value Customer Feedback:
Customer feedback is a valuable tool for improving customer service. Proactively solicit feedback and value customer opinions. Use feedback to adjust processes, identify areas for improvement, and reinforce practices that contribute to a positive experience.

Bonus: Promote Transparent Communication for Exceptional Customer Service
Transparency is vital in customer service. If problems or delays occur, communicate transparently and offer solutions. Honesty builds trust, and customers appreciate transparency even in challenging situations.

In Portugal, where culture and interpersonal relationships play a significant role, customer service takes on even greater importance. Leveraging this aspect of your business not only strengthens the loyalty of existing customers, but also attracts new ones through a positive reputation. By understanding individual needs, investing in training, using technology effectively, proactively resolving issues and valuing customer feedback, your business will be on the right track to providing exemplary customer service in Portugal.

To learn more, watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Video to understand customer service.



Cyber ​​Attacks: 8 Best Practices to Avoid Them

In an IBM study , 51% of companies said they had plans to invest in cybersecurity. The problem is that the motivation only came after suffering some type of cyber attack. Leaks and breaches are costly and increasingly frequent. The research cited points to an average cost per attack of around US$4.45 million, not to mention the reputational damage and loss of customers after the incidents. Alternatively, investing in cybersecurity is the best way forward. In this post, we show you the main types of cyber attacks and the best practices to prevent them. Summary Cyberattacks are criminal, political, or personal attempts to break into a network or connected device to steal, expose, or harm a person or institution.

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Operation and implementation Learn how AI improves customer service security! Data Protection Law (LGPD): how to protect customers? What are cyber attacks? A cyber attack is any attempt to break into a network or connected device with the intent to Female number data steal, expose, or harm a person or organization.

Hackers can also destroy, disable, or alter internal data, which creates new vulnerabilities and problems. Data from Fortinet indicates that, in Latin America, Brazil is the second country in terms of the number of attempted attacks, with 103 billion, behind only Mexico. Attacks are generally classified according to their motivation, i.e. criminal, political or personal. What are the most common types of cyber attacks?

Female number data

In this way, hackers infect the


Machine and other devices connected to the Belgium Phone Number List same network. 2. Social engineering and phishing Social engineering attacks are scams that manipulate users and make them make mistakes that compromise the security of personal data . The goals and methods vary from case to case. In some cases, the idea is to trick the person into sharing passwords and sensitive information. In others, to download malware or even send money to the hackers.

Phishing is one of the most common examples of this attack. It works by sending fake emails or text messages that pretend to be from trusted people, brands, or government institutions. 3. SQL injection attack SQL injection involves using. Fields accessed by users to send commands to the backend of a website or application.


Some people make the mistake of believing that a sale ends as soon as the product is delivered or the service is provided. However, if you arrived here with this mindset, you may be missing out on many opportunities that the after-sales process offers. It is in the after-sales service that the customer discovers whether they want to continue in contact with your company and whether it is possible to build loyalty to the brand.

What is after-sales?

it is important that this step is carried Job Seekers Database out correctly to achieve 100% success in prospecting customers . Continue reading and find out how to optimize your business! What is after-sales? This is one of the most important stages of the entire sales process, because it is at this point that companies seek to build customer loyalty and ensure greater profits in the long term. A big mistake is to believe that the most important objective is to sell and focus only on that, ignoring important processes that can make all the difference in solidifying your brand.

Why is it important to invest in after-sales?


The post-sale journey continues to be very important. Because it allows the customer to continue following the news about your company . and making the idea of ​​returning for a new business . This is even more promising. You know that old saying that you need to respect life’s processes to reap promising fruits? In the world of after-sales, this makes perfect sense. Ensuring that Belgium Phone Number List your company goes all the way through the purchasing journey makes all the difference. There are because this ends up being an attractive factor for the consumer. The  and they tend to appreciate the attention given. Once the deal is closed. A good sales team doesn’t let the customer simply purchase their product or service and disappear.