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It is decidedly different to put online an e-commerce for the sale of clothing or a blog dedicated to the game of spinning tops, yet each of the platforms will have to deal with others that have been present in the SERP for longer and on which the search engine relies to give answers that satisfy the different niches of users. In the second case, taking an accurate screen of the competitors who are overtaking you on the Google results page is important to understand if you have made mistakes , if it is time to update old tests , if it is necessary to improve technical aspects that have been neglected .

In both situations it is essential to know

The challengers if you France Phone Number List want to define targeted SEO strategies to compete and, even better, win the competitions where the prize is the increase in organic traffic on your site. When should you study your competitors’ optimization activities? Not only when designing a site or when losing positions on the Google response page does it become essential to study the operations performed by competitors, there are other crucial moments in which to do so. Let’s see the main events or purposes that require an SEO analysis of competitors to proceed correctly: Drop in ranking of positioned pages Significant changes in SERP Site stagnation in SERP Creation of an editorial plan Writing or updating better performing content.

Evolution of the search engine algorithm

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In each of these cases it is Philippine Phone Number really useful to invest time to check what . Those before you do and, as a result, obtain better results . You must always remember that the web is dynamic and . Changes often happen quickly, which is why constant . Monitoring of the performance of your site and that of others is necessary.¬† If you want to intervene promptly and minimize losses. How to SEO competitors spot¬† than you in . SERP you must first establish which queries bring organic traffic to your site. Traffic that can easily be converted first into a good number of leads and then into revenue. You can’t start your digital competitor hunt without thorough keyword research . Starting from conjectures not supported by tangible data is like gambling.