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Part of identifying necessary policy changes is determining whether the changes are feasible within your agency. Policy changes will drive all organizational development and other required activities. role and responsibilities will actually look like. Factors to consider include stakeholder alignment, strategy and governance committees and their role in budget development, execution services, operational security, etc. Determine what project manager supervision means. Do you have input on their performance reviews? Does the Project Manager and/or CFO require you to approve the budget? Identify quick wins that provide ROI within the current budget execution year.

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Savings for baseline and reprogramming efforts. Create a roadmap for implementing new solutions and services so you can be more proactive rather than reactive to strategic change while balancing near- and long-term goals and objectives Start tracking the performance and cost of your program with metrics and results that the business can understand. A value France Phone Number List measurement framework developed specifically to align with agency- and government-wide strategic plans is critical to this task. Implement project and portfolio management and application rationalization solutions to help you tell your story through quantitative metrics rather than qualitative assessments and maintain the ability to regularly track strategy execution to ensure success.

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Movement continues more will go through this process. Some of these steps can be painful and difficult. But only when federations become true portfolio managers and can communicate to stakeholders how to drive business results will they be able to make the changes necessary to truly transform federations. I also blog on please follow me to read more of German Phone Number my posts. Tags Applications Chief Information Officer Federal Management Portfolio Project Rationalization Related Content Data comes into play. Connectivity Testing Artificial Intelligence Needs New StrategiesLeave a CommentLeave a Comment You must be logged in to post a comment. Latest articles on data comes into play.

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