SEO specialist is not a good strategy

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree To restyle the website at the right time , obviously from an SEO perspective , you need to know and keep under control the variables that can suddenly transform it into an ineffective tool. It is written “site restyling” but reads “site optimization” The term “restyling” is commonly understood as the graphic restructuring of a web platform, but today it is not possible to think only in aesthetic terms when thinking about renovating a site or an e-commerce site . The appearance of the user interface affects the positioning of the site in SERP , because Google places great importance on UX user experience.

An extra second of waiting for a web page to

Load or content that is not Thailand Phone Number List positioned correctly can make the user run away and, consequently, also make the search engine SEO specialist is  turn up its nose. This might be enough to understand why restyling and SEO must go hand in hand, but another thing needs to be evaluated: What value is a wonderful site that no one finds on the search engine? Optimizing is also essential to make the money invested in redesigning your platform work.

The search engine evolves

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Your site cannot stay still Usually the Vietnam Phone Number List changes of Google. But also of other search engines, are announced well in advance. Precisely to give website owners the opportunity to adapt them to . The evolution of the algorithms. Waiting to lose SEO specialist is  positions in SERP to request the intervention of an. Because it means having wasted time and . Continuing to lose money until the web pages are optimized to . Bring them back to the top of Google results. It is essential to always be updated on algorithm updates. But also on the small corrections . That search engines make to give increasingly better answers to . Users and promptly carry out the necessary interventions to continue to have a good ranking .

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