Competitors overtake you in SERP A restyling from an SEO

You cannot structure a digital marketing plan by thinking of clearly separating SMM and SEO, just think about how effective it is to use social media to push users to read an article published on the blog or the fact that links to social media are shown on each site . That’s not all. Through Social Media Marketing it is easier to identify trends, topics and user needs, which can become excellent ideas for creating optimized website texts or for structuring Content Marketing campaigns. SEO , on the other hand, increases the strategic value of the SMM by restoring certainty and coherence to the user who goes from a brand’s social page to search for it on the search engine.

Conclusions on SEO and other marketing channels

Just talk to digital marketing UAE Phone Number List professionals to find out how ” optimize ” is their favorite verb (and mine too). There are many other marketing activities that team up with SEO , but I believe that by reading the four examples included in this article you Competitors overtake  can understand how it continues to be an essential methodology in digital communication. SEO website restyling: when is the time to do it? Unlike a diamond, a site is not forever. Sooner or later it will have to be “renovated”. The restyling must be done from an SEO perspective and, above all, at the right time.

I’ll explain it to you in the article

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When and why? . Last update USA Phone Number List March 22 Reading time 3 minutes . Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni . SEO restyling Content index It is written “site restyling” but reads “site optimization”.  The search engine evolves, your site cannot stay . Competitors overtake  still  perspective for a new marketing strategy.  The site is ugly and communicates neglect.  Sooner or later that day comes when someone. Almost always the boss, suddenly says: we have to redo the site, now! The reasons for the sudden awareness can be many, from purely personal ones to those justified by unequivocal data. Usually, when you feel the urge to do something it means you are late.

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