Need to know about the “keyword cannibalization” problem

The same keyword can be used in different queries that correspond to different needs and stages. For example, the same user who searches for information online regarding “parquet” might first look for generic information and then might need specific data to install a particular type of wooden flooring. By knowing the buyer persona and their buyer journey, it is possible to create content that meets the different needs that the user expresses through searches and guide them from the awareness phase to the consideration phase and, finally, to the decision .

Thanks to the creation of targeted contents

The optimization of the pages Argentina WhatsApp Number List on which they are published, it is possible to intercept quality traffic that will pass from one web page of the site to another, going down the sales funnel until purchasing or asking to be contacted by a salesperson . Create a digital marketing strategy without Need to know knowing buyer personas Every digital marketing plan should be based on precise objectives and on the study of a specific target user , otherwise each activity could be cumbersome and ineffective. Using the same plan to optimize different sites, ignoring buyer personas and project specifications, is not a viable option, because online competition is growing day by day and increasingly refined strategies are needed to ensure satisfactory returns on investments.

In short not knowing the characteristics

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The potential customer Taiwan WhatsApp Number List with whom you want to . Establish a relationship means having a huge audience in front of you and distributing millions of . Brochures to find only a dozen interested people and, perhaps. Conclude a single sale. Ok, the unknown user has become a customer. But after too much effort to be satisfied. This also applies to SEO, you can no longer apply clichés thinking of arriving.  First in the SERP Need to know thanks to some keywords inserted in . Written content without thinking about the target audience or. Better yet, the buyer personas . Keyword cannibalization: what it is and how to manage it . If you want your content strategy to appeal not only to your customers but also to search engines, you . To prevent it and solve it. Last updated.

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