Like putting the target audience under a magnifying glass

If we take into consideration the target audience as we have described it, the buyer personas are the identikits of the members of this group which are created thanks to the collection of information regarding personal data, gender, interests, profession, purchasing habits and many others factors released by users during navigation. It can be said that identifying buyer personas is s to discover all the details that can help in the complex process of optimizing a website. Why is the target audience important for SEO? What was said in the previous paragraph is not enough to understand how important knowledge of the target audience or buyer personas is when you are building a digital project that needs to find a prominent place on Google or other search engines.

Understanding perfectly who the target

strategy is allows you to carry Algeria WhatsApp Number List out targeted , very concrete operations that push the business towards growth. Knowing the target audience of your SEO strategy Like putting the  leads to having a site, an e-commerce site , a blog with: An excellent user experience, because it was designed for the characteristics of its typical user; An effective organization of categories, product pages, contents; A tone of voice similar to that of those you want to attract to the optimized pages; Texts, images, videos created and optimized to capture the attention of potential customers.

A network of internal links designed to guide

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The user towards Switzerland WhatsApp Number List conversion . If you focus on buyer personas, each of these activities becomes even more effective. Creating a website that is comfortable from every point of view for users who we know . Are interested in the topics covered or the products on sale significantly . Increases Like putting the  the possibility that they will convert . Keywords, buyer personas, buyer journey.  Keyword research , as is known, is the basis of . SEO, but for some time now it has no longer been enough to insert.  Keywords into a text to see your site’s page positioned among. The first search engine results. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Today it is important to understand . The search intent behind a group of keywords and, consequently. The analysis of target users who ask questions to Google becomes important .

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