YouTube video metricsMetriche YouTube Audience

YouTube Audience Metrics Use YouTube audience metrics to understand who watches our videos. We use this information to improve our content and community management strategies. Unique Viewers: Metriche dei An estimate of the total number of people who watched our videos in a given period. Unlike channel views, this metric does not include multiple views from the same person. Average Views Per Viewer: An average of the number of times a viewer has watched videos on our channel.

Metriche YouTube Audience

This metric includes Macedonia WhatsApp Number List both views of multiple videos and multiple views of the same video. When viewers are on YouTube: A bar graph showing the days and times when most of our viewers are on the platform. We use this information to schedule Upload Metrics at optimal times. If we have an active Community Tab, make sure an administrator is available to create messages and respond to comments at that precise moment. Metriche dei Audience Demographics: Takes into consideration the age, gender and geolocation of our audience on YouTube.

Metriche YouTube Audience

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These user profiles can help us German Phone Number to plan oriented content. To viewers or to create content for a segment that is missing. To our current audience. We also check whether viewers use subtitles and which languages are most used, so that we can adapt them accordingly. Metrics YouTube discovery metrics. Metriche deiĀ  How our SEO works on YouTube. Find out how people discover our videos, on and off YouTube. And we modify our .SEO strategy for YouTube, the algorithm and the use of keywords accordingly.

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