How to see YouTube Analytics from mobile

We can analyze what each YouTube measurement detects. The reason why it is important to know and understand how each individual metric can fit into our total performance outlook. YouTube channel metrics Once we graph the overall performance of our YouTube channel, we can identify average trends and get a snapshot of what works best with these YouTube channel metrics. Subscribers: The number of people who have subscribed to our YouTube channel. From the overview section of the YouTube Analytics dashboard, we can see how many subscribers we have acquired in a selected period.

Come analizzare le Metriche di YouTube

By hovering Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List over the icon (or tapping) you can see how this figure compares to typical subscriber growth. Real-Time Views: The number of views our latest posted videos have received in the last 48 hours. This metric is a good way to track the performance of a YouTube Live or YouTube Premiere or recently published video. Top Videos: A snapshot of our top videos based on views, over a specific period. By adjusting the time frame, you can identify the best performing videos of all time. Or, opt for a shorter time period to see if certain videos have made a comeback.

YouTube channel metrics

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Channel views: The number France Phone Number List of views that our channel has accumulated in a given period of time. In addition to this metric, hovering over the icon. (or tapping) we can see how it compares to the average amount of views our channel receives. Channel Watch Time: The total amount of time. In hours, that people spent watching videos on our channel. In a certain period of time. We can also compare this statistic with our average viewing time by hovering over it or tapping the icon.

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