Knowing the audience you want to involve allows

This metaphor summarizes why target audiences and buyer personas are important in an SEO strategy. But there is much more to know. Last updated: 23 August 21 Reading time 4 minutes Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni SEO buyer personas Content index Differences between target audiences and buyer personas Why is the target audience important for SEO? Keywords, buyer personas, buyer journey Create a digital marketing strategy without knowing buyer personas Seen from non-expert eyes, an

SEO strategy may seem like just a technical matter

that takes place mainly in the depths Albania WhatsApp Number List of the code of a web page and in which humans are simply fish falling into a digital net cast in the SERP . The role of the target audience, however, comes into play already in the planning phase and must be the beacon to follow throughout the path that leads to the creation of an effective optimization plan for the set objectives. Understanding who the people you want to attract to the website are is essential to achieving good results.

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the target audience is, how it Spain WhatsApp Number List differs from buyer personas and what weight . It has in search engine optimization. Differences between target audiences and buyer personas. In the infinite set of users who surf the net. The target audience of a strategy is that subset that includes all those who . Are interested in what is proposed through a website or other communication tools and who. Therefore, could become customers of the company selling products. Services or subjects inclined to make conversions on an online magazine, for example.  You to direct your optimization and, more generally.  Digital marketing activities with the aim of not wasting money and hours of work to get a lot of traffic on the site but from non- target users who they will not bring concrete benefits. Buyer personas are not a concept far from the one just described, but there are small nuances to know in order to draw up an excellent strategic plan.

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