Hobbies are Actions Not Collecting Things

Be passionate about what we have and who we are. Cherish our marriage. Make an effort to see the good in our partner and focus on giving rather than just receiving.
Set just one fitness goal. We cannot gain weight, burn fat, increase strength and increase endurance at the same time.
If we’ve made a choice before — about a career, relationship, or finances, focus on the choices we’ve made.

Stop comparing the decision we have taken with other alternatives.

Instead focus on the things we have chosen before and do our best on them

Our freedom is like a fish and an aquarium
We are all like fish in an aquarium.

The size of the aquarium determines the Phone Number List freedom we have, and some of us see it as a constraint.

To grow, we need a bigger aquarium.

But unfortunately, what most people try to do is break the aquarium.

Without it, we would be dead fish.

With the advancement of technology today, limitless options have opened up to us.

It’s nice to have a hobby, but we often get distracted from our real hobby – that is, we overspend on things related to it.
From time to time, we need to remind ourselves that our hobby is about doing, not collecting things.

The more seriously we get involved the more we will fall into collecting things instead of really

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Take a simple example that I myself deal with, that is fishing.

It started with how often I was able to go ICTP Conference 2017 fishing as long as there was space and opportunity.

Slowly, I started buying fishing gear and storing it, supposedly for future use.

My equipment increased, but my time to go fishing did not.

This is when we need to remind ourselves about our true hobbies.

If we go to the store to buy something or an item (hobby-related), then plan so that we can spend time so that we can really use the item.

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