When talking about meta robots it is important

The meta robots is one of the tags that those who deal with SEO must know , because it is a command that is often indispensable to give a precise indication to the search engine that must index and subsequently position a web page.  to discriminate between Google and search When talking engines in general, we will see the reason for this clarification below. Let’s understand better the function and peculiarities of this tag which could cause problems if used improperly. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Meta tag robots: what is it and why is it used? The robots meta tag is a string of code that is inserted into an HTML page to communicate to search engine crawlers information regarding the storage and management of the content present on the page itself.

Through this official Google command it is possible

To say or at least suggest the Canada Mobile Database behavior that the software must have when it comes to “reading” the page and which must establish whether it can be indexed. The robots meta tag is used to not let search engines act freely when they put websites When talking under their digital magnifying glasses. For example, it is necessary if you want a page not to be indexed, but it is also useful for managing the meta description or links of the page. It is important not to confuse the robots meta tag with robots.txt .

The latter is a real text file that opens

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Closes access to a page or a Brazil WhatsApp Number List site resource for crawlers. So it is not a string of HTML code comparable to a tag. Meta name robots and content: syntax and functions . The robots meta tag can be inserted in the head of the.  HTML page and must have When talking a precise syntax composed of the “name” and “content” attributes. The best way to understand how the code string is composed is to show.  The examples published by Google in the developers section. With this command you tell the crawlers of all search engines not to insert.  The page into the SERP . It’s time to explain better why this tag can be used to . “Speak” to search engine analysis software in general or to communicate specifically with one of them.

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