Unlike patients who take one or two

Medication Reminders Unlike patients who take one or two medications, patients on more intensive treatment plans may have a hard time remembering which medications they should take and when. These patients will benefit from a medication reminder feature, where notifications display the name and dosage of the medication they need to take. It can also display a photo of which medication is needed. This way, even people with neurodegenerative diseases (diseases in which patients suffer from impaired brain function and memory) won’t make mistakes. The notification feature not only reminds users to take their medications, but also reminds them that they need to refill their medications. In order for this feature to work, patients need to regularly record the dosage and quantity of the medications they purchase and enter this data into their mobile medication planner.

An automated algorithm will then calculate the date

  When the stock will run out and warn the patient in advance. Recipe Renewal Providing prescription renewal via a mobile app means saving time for both patients and healthcare professionals. After receiving a prescription expiration reminder, the patient will be able to automatically extend the Laos Telegram Number Data period, with the consent of the patient and the treating physician. The patient will also be able to print the prescription from the phone screen or show it to the drugstore/pharmacies clerk. Drug Price/Location Search Standalone medical apps that allow searching for the nearest or cheapest pharmacy with the necessary medicines are already popular among patients. However, when combined with the treatment planning feature, the search becomes even easier and more convenient.

Patients don’t need to remember and type

The name of the medication into the search box. All they need to do is select an entry in their schedule, sort by priority on parameters like cost and distance, and then perform a GPS-based search. If the app has partnered with a specific drugstore/pharmacies, the results page will show the Philippines Telegram Number the patient qualifies for. A map with navigation is optional but also helpful, especially for users who prioritize lower prices. Medication Identification It’s common to find medications without labels, blisters with faded instructions, or loose medications in someone’s medicine cabinet without being able to identify the type of medication. In such cases, the Medication Identifier feature can be helpful by telling patients which medications they have.

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