How to remove or edit spam in Google My Business me know if it’s something that may interest you. In any case, thanks for your time, and it was a pleasure to meet you! Professional tip: if you are working to build links on a budget, it may be useful to obtain the approval of the link before investing time and resources in content collaborations. 3. Fight GMB spam in Maps This final optimization is to be considered less “ optimization ” and more a real strategy. This strategy is powerful because, unlike most GMB optimizations, the goal is not to do something better than the competition, but to  remove competitors who are trying to distort the higher rankings.

How powerful is this approach

Let’s take a look at this SERP Laos Telegram Number Data of Google Maps as an example: Fight GMB spam in Maps At first glance, all these car insurance lists in New York seem to be true and legitimate. However, after about two minutes of investigation, it can quickly be seen that some of these activities are false. One of them does not have a website and links to  , some use fake reviews, others even fake addresses (one uses the motorization address). Now imagine that you are a DCAP insurance (a real company) and try to level up in Google Maps. If you can remove the first four spam lists, you jumped first without making further optimizations.

In Italy the situation is decidedly different

Telegram Number Data

With much less spam, but Singapore Phone Number List do you start to see the logic behind this approach? Unfortunately, Google Maps still has quite a few spam ’ throughout its ecosystem. In fact, of the first 20 places of the previous example, we found seven fake lists and three other extremely questionable. This approach can work whether an ad uses an improper trade name. A filling of keywords, or whether it is a completely false location.    Next, go to Google Maps, find the ad and click on “ Suggest a change ”. How to remove or edit spam in Google My Business Depending on.  The problem in question, you can choose between: “ Change name or other details ”.