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This tool uses a score from 0 to 100 to evaluate the speed of the website.  us some tips on what we can improve on the website to increase our overall site score and speed. 2) Check the publication of each new content When we publish new content on the website first of all we have to check the preview of the mobile version. , we just have to adapt to the guidelines. The nice thing about Many CMS, WordPress primarily they give the opportunity to preview how the site would appear on different devices.

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The formatting, making Lebanon WhatsApp Number List sure it suits the needs of our readers. Let’s never forget that all these SEO and UX optimizations can be traced and measured whether they are traced within The nice thing about Google Analytics and the tracking of conversions or perhaps with a thermal mapping tool that is installed on the website. 3) Reactivity makes the user experience unified Our website can be nice if we look at it from a laptop or from an iPhone, but what about all the other screen sizes on the market? Many users use iPads, even more the various Android tablets and windows, and even phablets. Reactivity makes the user experience unique and homogeneous. The user experience concerns the layout test, the monitoring of analyzes and data and the adoption of actions based on them.

An example of some SEO and UX strategy

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What will Google do from early 2021 until Estonia Phone Number List May Each site must have a unique SEO The nice thing about  and UX and it is important that each owner of the site understands how its users interact with the specific pages of its site Precisely in view of Core Web Vitals Google has announced important changes to the Caroselli and the introduction of new labels in search results. Non-AMP content in the carousel “ Most pages AMP offers excellent page experiences ”, says Google.

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