SEO is the main path for writing texts because

The broad scope of SEO When a professional says Search Engine Optimization he means a series of operations useful for positioning web pages on Google’s SERP , but the influence of SEO goes beyond the search engine and the website. The wide scope of this fundamental digital marketing methodology is due to the ability to influence and be influenced by other marketing activities, which exploit various means of communication, from search engines to social media, from emails to blogs . All this tells us that an integrated marketing plan in which each channel supports the others is essential today, so as to improve the performance of a brand ‘s promotional campaigns and the experience of buyer personas .

Now it’s time to get specific and see how

SEO interacts with: Content Philippines Phone Number List and Inbound UX SEA Social Media SEO is essential for Content and Inbound Marketing We know that well-produced content can bring organic traffic to a site or blog, but it is not enough to be accurate in researching sources and writing. It is essential that the user can find them when searching online and this is where SEO comes into play. What happens if you create a Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing campaign without providing content optimization? Very simple: money is wasted, because the texts will not be positioned in the SERP or even indexed by the search engine.

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Copywriters in producing Turkey Phone Number List content that answers the questions that people ask Google. The creation of any content to be published online should . Always be linked to search engine optimization. But companies often forget this fundamental detail and the two activities take divergent.  Paths that lead nowhere.   It helps identify topics that buyer personas are.  Looking for It leads to the creation of comprehensive content that responds to user needs . It imposes the principle of the uniqueness of each content Increases competence. Authority, reliability of the site. According to the Google evaluation factor summarized in the acronym . EAT  Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness  . SEO and UX come together in SXO User Experience has become a priority ranking factor and . Consequently today it is essential to optimize website and e-commerce. Pages to improve the experience of the user who explores them. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree From the union .

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