SEO and UX all that matters in 2021

The images you choose for your website should be of high quality, in a visible position, and accompanied by captions. Remember to insert the alt tag, or alternative text, which is very important because it indicates the content of the image to the search engine, allows the user to view the image title when for some reason it is not visible and is used in screen readers for the blind. Eyes on Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a Trend SEO 2021 to keep an eye on. AI applications to SEO and UX the world of digital marketing have long been known. As for SEO, Google launched the RankBrain algorithm in 2015 with the aim of returning more faithful results to the queries entered in the search bar.

From May 2021 Google will evaluate

How does rankbrain work? The algorithm .Works Japan WhatsApp Number List on the basis of an automatic learning system that manages to. Create links between words and phrases to return more accurate search results. Thus improving the user’s browsing experience. How to optimize your site for rankbrain. Google rewards content that guarantees a quality user experience. For this reason it is advisable to. Make sure the website is readable for the SEO and UX crawler create useful and readable content. Organize content check the loading times of the pages. Paying particular attention to the .File size and lazy-loading contents trend seo 2021. The future of seo ricerca vocale, mobile first, video marketing.  In 2021 there will be a single password when it comes to seo and .Ux and how websites and e-commerce they will. Have to show up in the eyes of google. This word is optimization.

Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor

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Most of those who read the Belgium Phone Number List blog by Studio Samo they will think: beautiful discovery, optimization has always been a fundamental part of an SEO strategy. In truth, in SEO and UX a few months it will be even more so because, in addition to the password, it will also be necessary to take into account a very specific date, which Google itself has decided to anticipate. People created fake websites just to insert links or managed their own artfully, first of all PBN (Private Blog Network). Since then Google has become much more sophisticated by trying to make it almost impossible for anyone to understand “ totally ” what the algorithm wants or what it is based on.

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