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The opportunity to change your voice occurs once every 24 hours. Voices in TG To publish stories on behalf of your channel, you need to receive a percentage of rewards from Telegram Premium subscribers. This will open the first layer for you. For each new level, you’ll get an extra story from the channel every day. Channels can use special links (e.g. url ?boost) to collect votes. Post the link in your channel and ask your subscribers to vote for you. For example, for the TG channel CallibriWhat is Hunt’s ladder Hunt’s ladder is a concept that divides all potential customers into four levels of readiness to make a purchase: Doesn’t know there is a problem. Aware of the problem, but does not know how to solve .

How to make a story in Telegram

  Open Telegram with the camera icer or the + next to your avatar in the story feed. You can take a photo, capture a photo, a minute-long video, or select a file from the gallery: How to Australia Email Data a story in Telegram You will be taken to the story editor in Telegram. What you can do here: Shorten the video length. Add text, there are six fonts availableroboto, italic, serif, single serif, merriweather and courier new. Add emojis or stickers from any sticker pack in MessengerThe ladder helps you segment your overall strategy and create content for people at different stages of the sales funnel. As a result, we get an integrated approach to warming up the audience, which can not only stimulate demand, but also handle objections. In the article you will learn what a Hunt ladder is and what steps it consists of.  

Add emojis or stickers from any sticker pack

Brushes and colors, save media filesntrast, brightness of your image, adjust curves and add different blur options. How to edit a story in Telegram You can add a signature to your story Arabia Email List put a link there – it. Will be clickable next to it is icon  – 24set here how long your story will hang in the fee hours. How to Make a Story in Telegram Once done, click NextThe figure of 15% can change either up or down depending on how well the advertising campaigns are currently optimized and on the qualifications of the specialist who manages the advertising. Callibri has a telegram channel – join so you don’t miss the latest cases, blog materials and service updates

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