We will try to take advantage

We strengthen each other with technologies, competencies, vibe, but we do not merge. Secondly, we will not move to another market. Probably everyone knows that Beeline is one of the strongest players in the enterprise market.ts, top 500 They work with large companies use Beeline services. We will try to take advantage of this and try to sell our software to large clients. But this is not our focus, the guys from Beeline will deal with this. We will focus on developing our lead management platform, our products and our affiliate network.

We will not sell SIM cards, Beeline

  With more capabilities. Thirdly, theno imposition of services. We will not sell SIM cards, Beeline will not sell call tracking along with office Internet. And fourth: there will be no Belgium Email List in values, principles and approaches. My company is my child, I built it based on my own principles. For example, we are not the biggest, because I tried to maintain the trinity. Employees should be comfortable, customers should have an honest product and fulfilled product promises, and shareholders should have profits. I want to maintain a humane approach to everyone.

When the deal was being prepared

Although we provide inhuces.  we were studied, audited, asked questions, and so on. For example, there was this one: How many clients do you have? Not one. We have 70 employees, all of Australia Email List chose Callibri themselves. We now have about 9,000 clients, this is also not our asset, they themselves chose Callibri. It’s all for love. And I want it to continue like this. Even the deal with Beeline is also for love. I believe we have what we need, they believe we have what they need.

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