The promotional operations that are carried

Optimizing and revising the site from a graphic point of view. In this case, are necessary activities to . Make sure that it is found by the user when he searches for the brand. The company, the products on the search engine Show users a consistent corporate image and tone of voice Give The promotional continuity to the customer journey Facilitate conversions The site is ugly and communicates neglect Arriving in front of a company headquarters or a shop window and seeing ruined walls, obsolete technologies, confusion conveys a feeling of neglect that can taint the judgment on the reliability and quality of the products.

The website or e-commerce can give

The same negative sensations USA Mobile Number Database and undermine  out outside of it. Think of a paid ad on Google that you have taken care of in detail The promotional  and spent money on which, however, leads to an amateur-looking e-commerce site. Even with 50% discounts on very high quality products, you probably won’t get the results you expected. Therefore, not only must your digital platform have all the technical characteristics necessary to position it excellently in SERP, but it must also satisfy the eye of the potential customer , capturing his attention through layouts that are as beautiful as they are functional .

What it is and how to use it for SEO Meta robots

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are not humanoid machines Australia WhatsApp Number List straight out of cartoons, but commands necessary for technical SEO. Find out how they affect the indexing and ranking of a website. Luca Lanzoni Written by Luca Lanzoni Meta robots.  What it is and how to use it for SEO Content index . Meta tag robots: what is it and why is it used? Meta name robots and content  syntax and functions X robots tag: what is it. Main HTML robot commands Meta noindex . Meta nofollow Meta none Meta noarchive Meta noimageindex . Meta nosnippet Do you understand why SEO cannot do without meta robots.