The reference language  geo target the audience

All you have to do is add the relevant search volume to the word you already hypothesized (for example, in the attached map, the search volume is in the space you find after the “-” sign). Grid in hand, now all you have to do is find the search volume for your hypothetical keywords and queries, add any relevancy you haven’t considered before to the initial map, and label everything (we usually use mapping software, But even an Excel file or any other writing medium will do). Here are the steps to commit.

 Volume Choosing the best keyword research

Generally, we tend UK Phone Number List to think of Google Ads Keyword Planner as more reliable because even though it shows some data related to Google Ads ads, it’s still Google data. Keyword Planning Tool The tool is very intuitive to use: just select  you want .The reference  to serve as a reference (if necessary), and write in the search box the keyword or query you intend to do a lot of research on. For example, in the image below, I asked Google Ads to show the search volume for the query “online perfume store” in Italian and across the entire Italian public. By default, you get the average for the past 12 months. Keyword Research Examples Walk the talk.

At this point  take the search volume

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Insert it into the map next to Cambodia Phone Number List the keyword or query being considered. Obviously, you can enter more words in the search box (up to 10) to make your work faster. The only drawback: You must have an active and paid Google Ads account to get reliable search volume. If your account has no spend (i.e. if you don’t have active campaigns), you’ll just get a rather vague . The reference  range like   (average monthly searches). If 10-100 might also be an acceptable estimate, then obviously estimates between 1000 and 10000 are much lower. In this case, you have two options. Launch a campaign, even just a small brand awareness campaign (it never hurts!). Try alternative tools: there are several paid tools such as . SEO Zoom and   Rush  , and many more free tools. Step Two. Increase the Number of Related Keywords You may want to increase the number of keywords you are searching for. There will undoubtedly be no terms or correlations in your initial grid that you now realize are closely aligned with your goals.