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As we wrote at the beginning of this article, Google introduced ’mobile-first indexing already four years ago, always emphasizing ’importance of user experience on mobile devices. This transition is nothing more than the natural consequence of these updates. Even those who are not SEO or a webmaster, can refer to the guidelines that Is an Apple  Google always makes it available to everyone when introducing an important update. In summary, the definitive transition to Google mobile-only translates into ALWAYS need an optimized version for mobile devices when you have a site or are about to launch it.

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A foregone truth (but not too much), since Norway WhatsApp Number List most web traffic today starts from a mobile device. You are ready to Google mobile-only? If you have useful advice or best practices based on direct experiences, for SEO and not, you can share them by leaving a comment at the end of the article. Apple’s Is an Apple  strengths compared to Google Apple represents one of the few companies that has the resources to compete with Google. With a market capitalization of over $ 2 trillion and approximately $ 200 billion in liquidity, the company has the ability not only to refuse the money received from Google, but to invest in the server infrastructure necessary to create a competitive search engine. An Apple search engine would almost certainly have a huge strength: a greater one privacy of users.

Some webmasters have reported more activity

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Apple has made great efforts to New Zealand Phone Number List distance itself from rivals in recent years by insisting that “privacy is a fundamental human right” and “one of our core values“. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree As rivals like DuckDuckGo, Apple may attempt to create a search engine that does not store personal Is an Apple  information or track users on the web. It would be easier for Apple because, unlike Google, it does not depend on advertising revenue, which benefits from personalized data with which to direct users.