SEO Friendly content: best practice

In the world of web marketing content continues to be central elements of strategies, but writing articles is not enough and then uploading them to the blog if you want to achieve objectives such as, for example, the increase in organic traffic on the company website.  Define the Buyer Personas it is not only useful for creating campaigns ADV targeted, but it is an activity that allows know the characteristics of users representing the target to which we want to give answers through the contents we publish. As written in another article of our blog, the Buyer Personas they are semi-fictitious representations of the ideal customer. They are based on market research, real data on existing customers and some data-driven assumptions.

What is meant by SEO friendly content

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree In New Zealand WhatsApp Number List this article I will try to clarify this important topic by explaining what are the best practices to follow.    Creating quality content for users and optimizing it to make Google like it too (to mention the best known and most used search engine) is the right way to do appear your web pages among the first non-paid results.

Writing with Buyer Personas in mind not just Google

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The basic principle is very simple: the Malaysia Phone Number List primary purpose of Google is to give answers to query users, to do so, it proposes a series of web pages that classifies their ability to answer the question. For this reason, the search engine “ repays ” the creator of excellent content by placing it on top of the SERP, precisely because it allows the reader to have that information he was looking for.  But this is not enough. Writing with Buyer Personas in mind, not just Google As already pointed out several times, you don’t just have to devise technically perfect content, thus thinking of making it a perfect resource for Google, but you need to think about who will take advantage of it.